Sunday, May 23, 2010

10 days... 19 days... 26 days...

10 days left of schol
19 days till we go to TN to see Grandma Curry graduate
26 days till my knee surgery which I am already nervous about

Here are a few pics of the little dude. He is almost 18 months and he's so silly. He talks 90 to nothing! He is still obessessed with wearing everyithng as a hat (you see below with his bowl of noodles). He loves to jump and run everywhere.

This is Julian with a face full or Oreo... He loves to show his teeth and give you lots kisses when he good and disgusting.

Julian is all ready for church.

Julian's first time bowling. He loved it after he got the "taking turns" thing down.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

17 months

Our little dude is 17 months on this wonderful Cinco de mayo!! Julian is a mess but we are blessed beyond anything we could have ever asked for or imagined so we just thank Jesus for him daily. He will repeat everything you say. His words he used are:
1. "ball"
2. "bowwwl" (bball goal)
3. "ca ca" (for Chaos the dog...hoping this one changes soon so he's not calling our dog poop the rest of his life.)
4. "cup"
5. "I stuck"
6. "shit" (for shoot the ball)
7. "hot"
8. "hawt" (for hat)
9. "shoes"
10. "cocks" (for socks)
11. "dut" (for dirt)
12. "poop"
13 "yuck" (sounds like he choking on a hair ball)
14. "dog"
15. "jump"
16. "dadada"
17. "mamama"
18. "tatata" (for sylvia, his babysitter)
19. "tata" (for taylor, 4 year old friend at babysitter)
20. "balloon"
21. "balabala" (for banana)
22. "boo boo" (for mosquito bites)
Those are his most popular that i think of right off the top of my head. He also signs for "more," thank you, please, all done, etc..
He is doing great with his allergy stuff being off milk, cheese, and egg products. He is still a CHAMP at going to bed at 8 every night. He is such a big boy. His hair at its longes point measures from the tip of my middle finger to mid wrist when wet and pulled straight. Funny that hair that long can curl up so tight.
Julian really is just an amazing little guy. He is such a blessing and an answer to prayer.
In other news:
I found out at the end of April that I had been put on the "excess" list again. Which means because of cut backs in Aldine ISD, and reoning, I needed to search for a different position in the district. NOT FUN. I don't even want to think about leaving Hinojosa. I love my friends there. I work with the most wonderful, Melissa Garza. I don't want to teach without her. They have been my family away from family in Houston. We are still praying every day that things will work out that I am able to stay but everything is up in the air until we know what Jobs are offered to whom. We shall see?? I interviewed with 7 schools at the job fair and i have had one follow up interview with a school I have heard a lot of nice things about. I am hoping that that is my 2nd option. First and foremost I would like to stay where I am.