Saturday, June 25, 2011

I love summer!!

Well my last blog was Mother's Day so I am a little behind on the updating but let's see......  after mother's day, we finished the school year and our summer fun began!! 

MOM:  My mom has a camper trailer so she came and parked it here in Spring for the WHOLE month! I cannot even tell you how much I LOVE having family in town, especially my mom! Julian and I are going to be lost without her when she leaves.  Julian had his first official sleep over away from home and away from mommy at "Big's" house and he has been staying with Big about every other night. 

PAINTING:  With the help of grandma babysitting and Jerry's brother, Marlon, with the roller, I have gotten two rooms painted so far.  Now that Marlon has a job I will be working solo but I think the goal is going to be getting two more rooms painted and that's the end for now. After we got the bedroom painted, Jerry and I were finally ready to go get our new furniture.  We have only had a bed and TV since we moved in.  I LOVE our new furniture. We found it back in March and I have been wanting it ever since.  Maybe now we can get a crew to come in and paint the big main areas and wipe it out in one day instead of taking me for-ev-er!! 

WATERPARK: So Julian and I discovered a very small waterpark in Conroe.  Our first time Grandma went with us and we met Carol and Boston there.  It is perfect for kids Julian's age.  Since he wants to be outside all day playing in the water anyways, it's so much more pleasant if I have some water to sit in while he is having a blast.  It is very inexpensive and Julian has had a blast every time we have been there.  We went alone one day and then the past few times we have met friends.  There is a big huge play structure in the middle of a 1 1/2 foot pool with all kinds of squirting water and a huge bucket and two little slides.  Julian has never wanted to try the slides as much as we wanted him to.   I knew as soon as he did it once he would be hooked.  Sure enough yesterday we went with my friend Katie and her two girls Hayden and Maddison and he finally wanted to try it with them.  So I took him up the first time and let him go down and Katie met him at the bottom.  Before I could get down the steps to meet him he was already on his way to do it "ONE MO TIME!!"  He was hooked for sure.  The girls took him back several times until they were tired of sliding and then he decided he was brave enough to do it solo.  He had a blast.  I can just sit in the water at the bottom and watch him go up and down and he LOVES it!!

SWIM LESSONS:  Julian was supposed to start swim lessons on the 6th but due to faulty information given to me over the phone, we were not able to get a spot in the class.  So he started on the 20th.  It is a parent/child class and he is the star student for sure.  He LOVES the water.  He sings the songs out loud and he pretty much rocks everything the tell him to do.  He isn't a huge fan of blowing bubbles in the water but he'll do (a little).  So we have 4 more day of lessons and the we are free!!

SUMMER GOALS:  I feel like we have done a lot so far but I still have several things on my list that I wanted to do before summer it over.  I guess I'm trying to make up for last year when I was stuck inside on the couch for 8 weeks.  I still want to take him to the zoo, beach, and several other places but he would be perfectly happy if we just went to the waterpark everyday.