Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"life's about changes nothin ever stays the same"

Wow!  I made it past a month without posting an update.  This update will be a novel i am sure so i'll break it into chapters.  Chapter 1:  Knee Update, Chapter 2:  New job,  Chapter 3:  NEW HOUSE,  Chapter 4:  Julian, Julian, Julian

Chapter 1:  Knee Update
So wheen I started PT July 29th (7 weeks out), I could bend my knee 23 degrees.  I am 3 months out of surgery now and I am at 114!!!  It has been a long hard battle and though the pain has been horrible, the pain of spending a day at work, then straight to PT, then to get Julian, then home to a new house with tons of work to do, has been CRAZY!!  But i'm at 114 so that's greatness.  Thank You Jesus!  I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  I know I have a long way to go till i'm 100% but I did ride a stationary bike and an eliptical for the first time this week..  Yippeeeee

Chapter 2:  New Job
Well LOW AND BEHOLD after my school district stripped me from my friends and family at Hinojosa and put me through some major horrible stress being cripple and having to start a new job in a new grade level at a new school, well 2 weeks in they look at "attendance numbers" and they HAD TO HIRE A NEW TEACHER AT MY OLD SCHOOL!!!!  What the!!  So needless to say I am still a little bitter.  So I guess that just means there is now one more person on hinojosa staff list who has to leave for me to get a job back there in the futre.  It's just crazy that I had always said, I would be crazy to ever leave my first job at Plummer because it was so great.  5 great years in Cedar Hill.  I would say the only reason I would ever leave is for a good paying job with Head Start.  Well after a year in Houston the perfect door opened at Hinojosa.  I had the best co teacher, Melissa.  I had the best administrators.  I had the best co workers and friends.  This chapter should be called my OLD job.  :)  Well I am at an elementry school now. I know it's a great school.  I know if I had to go anywhere, that it is was definitely the highest recommended place.  I am 6 weeks in and I'm still alive. It would be great to get my feet under me but with PT and a new house and pain 24/7...  it's hard being the "new girl" again for the third time in 4 years.  :)  Prayer, i need prayer!

Chapter 3:  NEW HOUSE
Jerry and I are officially in our new house.  We love LOVE it.  Pictures will be posted soon as soon as I get my house clean and remember to take pictures during the 2 mins that it remains clean.  We have 2 guest rooms so we are looking forward to visitors :)    So in the process we are becoming LandLords for the first time.  We have a couple who is committed and moving in to the old house next week.  Showing it to people, was hard.  I love that house (NOT AS MUCH AS OUR NEW ONE).  So we are praying all goes well renting out our house. 

Chapter 4:  Julian, Julian, Julian
Julian is still the cutest and most precious little boy alive.  His hair is getting bigger and bigger everyday.  Everyone says he looks like Korbin Bleu from high school musical.  haha not sure how i feel about that.  Not many people are on the fence about his hair.  People either tell me it HAS to be cut or "You better not cut it."  He is talking more and more.  He repeats most every word you say.  Except "Grandma"!  I think he knows how bad we were trying to get him to say it all summer while she was here and he refuses to say it.  I won the award for the Worst mommy in the world this week.  Evidentally his feet grew 2 sizes in the matter of a couple days.  One day his shoes fit and the next they didnt' come close to fitting.  Jerry and I took him after school yesterday and bought him one pair but he definitely needs more.  It's getting cooler and I'm thinking he shouldnt be wearing flip flops in the middle of winter. 

ok I stayed up 30 mins later than normal just for this blog.  I'll have to post pictures later.  Night Night