Friday, January 25, 2013

4 year check-up

How did the past three years fly by so quickly?  Crazy that it just seems like yesterday he was this cute little thing.  Julian Travis Curry is:  smart, funny, handsome, kind, loving, and healthy!!  
Julian's stats:  
43 inches tall
favorite food:  noodle dogs
 favorite color: blue
favorite pet: baby aligators
favorite song:  We are Family from Ice Age
favorite movie:  despicable me
favorite book:  every which way to pray
counts to:  30
writes name:  soso 
compound words:  his favorite!!  
favorite sport: basketball
favorite toy: spider man and captain america
favorite candy: mini reeses
can read: everyday words
quarter spinning:  better than most adults

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy 2013!!

So 2012 wasn't a great year for blogging for me.  Ha!  But it was a GREAT YEAR!!  We have so much to be thankful for. My new years resolution is that I will blog at least once a month.  I really plan to print all these out someday for a book for Julian. 

A look back at 2012...

Julian's first team sport. Soccer.  Not a huge success but a cute picture!!
Love our new car!! So long Montero Sport.

Sammy joined our family.

Engagement/family pics..  preparing for wedding!!  
Spring '12 school picture. 
Spring Break trip to Six Flags.

We got hitched!!!  Such a fun day!!!
Jerry got to have his son, by his side as his best man!  

Julian and I's summer road trip began with the Shows in Waco.

2nd stop:  Knox City to see the Fam!!  
Julian with his Mimi Stella
Teaching Mamar how to work an iPhone
3rd stop:  Oklahoma City to see the Davis'
4th stop:  Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit the Ballards.  
5th stop:  Lunch in Cedar Hill

God put Julian in Ry ry's class at school and she gave him a 2nd birthday invite.  That is when we discovered we were  neighbors!!!  From then on Julian has gained 2 best friends.  

Tiny Tot basketball at the Y...  Go Nuggets!!

Thanksgiving in Jackson with his "favorite best friend", Caterius.  
Julian turned 4!!!  wow
My wonderful granddad went to be with Jesus on December 7th.  

Christmas in Grapevine..  hopefully a fun new family tradition.