Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Odis!!

Tomorrow Odis is turning 5. Can't believe it's been 5 years. Just thought I would give my little Odis P. a shout out. I'd post a pic but he's in trouble right now coming in this house acting all crazy. (imagine that) Plus the dog is in the background of most pictures i take of Julian so if you wanna see him just keep your eye out. :) he's there

Anyways to more important news: Julian is growing like a weed. He is so close to walking and that makes me sad because he's growing so fast. He is letting go of everything and standing there. Then he realizes he's not holding on and slowing sits down. He is also walking behind his little walking toy thingy.
He will be 9 months on Saturday! He will have his nine month appointment on the 8th so I'll update on the measurements then. We had an appointment a couple weeks ago when he was sick and he was already 21lbs 5 oz i think and that was when he was poopin and pukin so we'll see. I wish they measure his hands and feet because they would be off the chart I'm sure :) haha.
He officially has 2 whole teeth now.

OK AND HERE'S THE STORY OF THE MONTH. Jerry discovered a few weeks ago that a co worker got their formula covered. Soooo after a lot of "phone work" we finally discovered that ours is covered too because it's a diagonsed protein sensitivity. WHAT?!?! WE COULD HAVE BEEN GETTING IT COVERED FOR NINE MONTHS??????? That's right folks. Since January we have paid over 1600 bucks for formula. We should be receiving our first perscription of formula anyday now for a months supply FOR $20!!!!!!!! YES $20!!!!!!!! SO WE COULD HAVE PAID 180 SO FAR INSTEAD OF 1600..... We are Thankful for the next 3 + months!!! Pray with us that Julian's tummy will get over this "sensitivity" and be able to transition to real milk with real protein when he's one.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!!!! DO YOU REALIZE THAT'S 1400 bucks difference!!!! Why would someone not mention that it was a possibility?? errrrrrrrrrrrrr

We are thankful We are thankful We are thankful!!! I'm trying to not be mad. errrrrrrrr
Ok so in other news: I started school on the 24th... kids cried.... the end :)
Going home for a little family time this Labor Day! Yay

Thats about it. Hope all is well. Here a couple recent (well taken in August at least) pics of our little dude.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I love you Dad!! Miss you!! XOXO

Today makes 3 years since my Dad passed away. I miss him every day. I am so thankful that Julian gets to carry his name. I loved him so much and I feel like he was taken way too early but I am grateful he was my dad and I got to be his little girl.. I just wanted to share a few pictures of Julian's PaPa....

Travis Craig Carver
December 4, 1951 - August 15, 2006

Thursday, August 13, 2009


My baby can growl!! :) It's soo funny. We discovered that he would imitate my nephew when Carson was pushing him in the stroller. Now I think it's getting old for him but he'll still imitate us and sometimes even Odis if he starts growling at someone walking past the window.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Monica's her name... Photography's her game!!

I found this wonderful photographer!! Her name is Monica Hernandez!! She lives in Lubbock, TX and if you or you know anyone who lives in Lubbock and needs great pictures taken, she's your girl.

Oh yeah, she was my roommate for almost 3 years in college and my mom and I were staying with her last night. I mentioned how I was wanting to get Julian's pics taken and she mentioned how she had this great camera and had been taking pics lately and.... shaBANG! she took us downtown Lubbock before my cousins wedding and the magic happend :) SHE is such a BLESSING!! I can't wait to get some blown up and framed in my house. She got soooo many great ones. These are just a "few" of my favorites. I'm too excited about them to wait and really pick out my official favorites. I want to share them!!!

Julian and I are home safe and sound from out week in west texas. We had such a great time. Julian is in MUCH need of his own routine and his own "schedule."