Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We're ENGAGED!!!

 It finally happened!  We are GETTING MARRIED!!!  I am wearing something sparkly on my left hand and I'll admit Jerry pulled off a pretty great surprise!!  I have proof that I had no clue by what I was wearing that day because if I thought something was up I would have dressed better.  Every year his family all gets together at his sister's house.  I meet new people every year.  We had eaten and were just sitting around the living room chatting and he told me that his dad had asked him to "address" the family. Which is totally something his dad do.  So I sat on the couch playing with my early Christmas present (the new iPhone) just waiting for the "Thank you everyone for coming.. I am thankful for you all" speech..  Jerry's little "address" was so heart felt and thoughtful I was so proud of him.  He was really emotional about different members of his family and he even had me teary eyed talking about a couple family members that weren't able to make it this year.  Then he starts talking about Julian (I know whatever he said was great ...  this is just when everything starts to get very blurry).  For a split second, I had the thought... "what if he forgets to mention me!"  HAHA!!  Then I remember him saying, "But there is one person here that ??????????? (man i wish i remembered what he said) Then he said some really sweet things and grabbed my hand to make me stand up off the couch and he was down on one knee with a ring and a question..  My response was..  of course.  I was in shock.. I just kept thinking "did this really just happen?"  I have waited so long and I have thought of every scenario in the book and I couldn't think of a better way.  He really did it when I wasn't expecting it.  It's fun knowing that his whole family was anxiously waiting all night for the "big event" and I was never tipped off by anyone.  I had asked him a long time ago how he was going to know what kind of ring I wanted and he said, don't worry about it I know you will like what I like.  :)  It is a very good thing he has good taste!!  One of his cousins came in the bedroom and asked me to see the ring and I wad like "OH man I haven't even really looked at it yet!!"  I LOVE IT!!  I said all I know is that it is sparkly and it means we get to get married!!  yay!! 

YES I am wearing ALL parts of my ring!!  I saw it and I feel like I waited long enough and I am not leaving sparkle in a box that should be on my finger :)  

Happy Thanksgiving from the cutest little pilgrim EVER!!

Julian showing off his future skills at the "G Bowl" that Jerry's bff and family have every Thanksgiving morning.

Jerry with his boys!

Jerry and Julian ready for Jerrious' game in Memphis

Jerrious looks so much like Jerry.  So handsome!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Riverwalk / Sea World

A quick little family weekend vacation to San Antonio.
I took off work on Friday and we got to San Antonio in perfect time to enjoy the river walk.  I should have known something was up when Julian and Jerry were both fine without jackets and I was cold.  We had a great time on the river walk and then headed over to stay the night with Clinton.  The next morning I woke up very ill but was very determined that Julian was GOING to see a dolphin and a whale.  It was a perfect day for Sea World.  Even though I was very very weak and was struggling, Julian got to feed dolphins, see sharks and all kinds of fish. He got to see the Beluga whale show and we missed Shamu but seconds.  I was very sad about that but couldn't last to wait for the next show.  It was a short 2 hours at Sea World and then we were headed back home.  Julian and I slept most of the way back to Houston.  Wish we got to do things like that more often but we had a great time and I am very thankful that we got to use a weekend of Jerry's vacation time to enjoy a short little trip.  

"Chuck E Cheese"

or... "Trick or Treat."  I have to give it to him.  The phrases do sound very similar coming out of Julian's mouth.  :) haha.  Here are some pics from Halloween 2011.  A coworker of mine gave me this train conductor outfit last year but it was too big.  Thankfully it was a perfect fit this year so like father like son..  Julian was a little conductor.  Daddy got to go with us this year so that made it even better.  Julian had a lot of fun going to all the doors and saying "chuck e cheese" and getting candy in return.  I'm not sure if he liked the trick or treating or the passing out candy better