Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He's ALL boy!!

Well today we have had two first. Julian's first bump on his head (you can kind of see it in this first picture), and Julian's first busted lip. Unrelated injuries. His transition from sitting to crawling isn't always so graceful and definitely not a slow process and well there juste happened to be a table leg in the way. Then later on today he just got a little to confident. He is taking steps while he's holding on to things and he decided to go all the way and transition from the couch to the coffee table. I felt so bad because I could see it coming but i just couldn't get there soon enough. The coffee table won. :( It was just a little bloody gum and a little quick "cry it out" and then he was all better and he and coffee table were friends again. So now we've had a swollen lip from the floor, a bump on the head from the table, and busted lip from the coffee table. I'm sure there are many more to come. I am praying we can keep injuries on the minimum because I discovered that I do NOT like seeing my baby with blood, bumps, or bruises. It hurts so bad to see him like that.

"Look Mom! I found a LITTLE dog"
"I got him! Why doesn't Odis let me do this?"
"Can I have him! This is fun!"
Julian and I met up with a good friend from Tech, Jennifer, and her 10 month old, Cameron, at the Children's Museum last thursday. It was so much fun getting to see them and catch up and to let Julian and Cameron hang out. I tried to get Cam to teach Julian to crawl "right" and stop the army crawling but I don't think Julian sees any point in that when he can get anywhere he wants just as fast.

Julian likes to visit friends with toys!!
Julian's babsitter, Ms. Sylvia, had us over for brunch the other day. Julian took a ride in the police car. They got to see how much fun it's going to be when Julian starts back in Aug. The were amazed how he was everywhere and in to everything. I just laughed and SAT on the couch while they chased him around for a little while.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

vidoes to share

here are just a couple little clip of my life these days.

Julian crawls to the cords, We tell him NO NO and put him back by his toys, Julian crawls back to the cords.....

Julian crawls to the TV to grab the PS3 and eject the disk and chew on it, we tell him No No and put him back by the toys, Julian crawls back and pulls up on the pillows, etc...

Julian crawls behind the couch and gets stuck or bumps his head, we say no no and put him back, and I THINK YOU GET THE POINT!! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

summer is flying!!

I can't believe it's already the middle of July!! YIKES! I don't even want to think about it being over in a month! :( I am blessed that I love my job but as much as i love teaching and i love my job, it doesn't even compare at all to how much i love being home with my baby 24/7. I am so thankful to have a great babysitter like Ms. Sylvia who loves Julian so much BUT that doesn't keep me from wanting to spend every second with him. I was thinking that i might actually have a little time this summer to get some things done like: keep the house clean, organizing, etc... My excuse during last school year was (for the first 1/2) I was prego and tired and swollen when I came home from work, (for the second 1/2) I had to spend every second possible with Julian. So needless to say being home with him all day everyday doesn't seem to help me get any more done than before. Here are a few Julian updates. Some of which you already know.
1. Julian learned to crawl in the middle of June
2. 2 weeks later he was pulling up on everything
3. He got to meet his Curry family from Jackson
4. He had his baby dedication June 28th
5. He will get to go on a plane to Lubbock for the 2nd time on July 26th (pray for us)
6. He still has NO teeth but his gums are so swollen and he has been aggressively chewing on everything for 3 months now
7. He loves loves loves the water
8. He loves to go on walks but mommy.. not so much a big fan (especially the mosquitos and the "feels like" 106 temp)
9. We have learned that when he's sick he could possibly win a Projectile Vimmitting contest
10. and maybe a army crawling race too. the dude is fast
11. He is becoming more and more a "mommy's baby" everyday
12. He has been to the Children's Museum 3 times (will be 4 times on Thursday)
13. He has been pooping regularly!!!!! yay!!
14. He'll eat most any baby food (except carrots) but try to introduce a little table food or any thing with a different texture, when swollowed results in gagging which results in a mess for mommy and daddy to clean
15. He still has his protein sensitivity which just means no chance of switching to the cheeper formula. Pray that we can get over this before he's one and can have regular milk products after that.
16. He is still obsessed with electrical cords
17. He has experienced his first (hopefully only) round of double ear infections (not fun for anyone involved and not 100 % certain he's completely over them)

Just a "couple" updates.
Looks like our little guy is waking up now so I better go. Hope everyone has a great week.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

new everyday

Here is our Electrical Cord Obsessed little man. Don't worry, non of the cords were plugged in to anything or allowed in his mouth. He was so happy when he came across a little box full of cords.
My crazy boy is EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING!! He thought he was sneaking away from Daddy but I surprised him in the hall way. Notice: still no teeth. He's working hard on getting some though.
Julian is a big fan of the window. He loves to look outside. He used to like sitting and looking but the "sitting" days are over I guess. So cute looking at Daddy outside with Odis. You notice he is eyeing that little space behind the couch. I'm sure he sees some sort of plug or cord back there he thinks he might be able to get his hands on.
So much for sitting and looking outside. As of yesterday, we must pull up on Everything!! It hurts when we wobble and fall and hit our lip but doesn't stop him.
We had lunch with a good friend yesterday and Julian got to spend some time with his little friend Dorie. She is about 4 months older but she obviously likes them younger :). They are so dang cute talking to each other.
I mean he just pulled up for the first time yesterday once. Then today he was pulling up on everything!! He likes his little toy though. Thanks Pari!
Like I said, he was eyeing that little space behind the couch. He is crazy I tell you. He can get pretty much everywhere and even the places he can't get, he will try until he gets stuck.
We are improving our sippy cup skills.