Friday, August 20, 2010


Well I guess whether I like it or not, the first day of school has come again.  And like it or not, my mom had to leave and go back to her own life.  We loved every minute she was here.  Julian was her little shaddow all summer.  He wore her out I am sure but he definitely preferred her over anyone.  We are looking forward to when she is able to come back this way in a couple of weeks.  I will be starting my NINTH year of teaching.  Crazy it has been NINE years!!  Seems like just the other day I was 21, just graduting, bridesmaid in a million weddings, picking out an apartment, worrying about my first day of school, and buying my purple furniture.  Well nine years later and I am still worried about the first day of school.  Only now I know that the worrying is pointless.  Even though I must say I am less prepared this year than ever.  Being at a new school and not knowing what's happening and adding being cripple to that has slowed me down a lot but like it or not, Monday will be here and then Monday afternoon the kids will be gone. So much to do and too much pain to do it with.. Speaking of pain, my knee is still very achy but I guess PT is going well.  I started off at 23 degrees and it's been 3 weeks and today I made it to 80.  My doctor wanted me to at least 90 by Sept. 7th.  I'm confident I'll make it for sure.  Was hoping I wouldn't be limping much by the time I hit 30 in less than a month but I'm afraid that's not very realistic.  Limping or not I am very blessed to be 29, oved, healthy, happy, and employed of course. 

Oh, in other news!!!  We are moving next week to go along with long days at school and PT!  Even though I am not excited about the stress of moving, I am SUPER excited about our new house.  As soon as we get out of this one it is going up for rent.  I am so excited to set up our new house and all the extra room we will have to actually fit our things and ourselves.  Chaos, our dog, gets a little less room in the backyard and a little less shade but if we could figure out a way to get that guy to stink less, he could join us inside a little more.  Julian might have a place to put some of his toys besides just in the middle of the living room floor.  Yay we are moving.  Pray for Jerry and his recruits!  The knee, first week of school, and Julian are a little too much for me to handle and he has assured me that he will get it done.  Luckily the two houses are not far from each other so that will help a little. 

Julian started back with Ms. Sylvia on Wednesday.  Jerry dropped him off and I think it was a heart breaker for everyone involved but Julian survived and he is back to his normal self excited to see "Ta Ta" everyday.  He is such a drama king!  He likes everything just perfect even when you arn't sure exactly what "perfect" is.  Especially when he is throwing, bouncing, dribbling, shooting, or kicking a ball.  He might get a little of the competitiveness from either of us.. take your pick.  My competitiveness and his daddy's impatience :).  He is talking more and more.  We tried all summer to get him to say "Grandma" and of course he said everything under then sun but Grandma.  Of course when he came home on Wednesday and she wasn't here, he was asking for his "Grandma" just as clear as day.  Did I mention he is obessessed with her.  He can pretty much repeat anything you say.  For some reason he acts like he thinks he's cute.  I have no idea how he got that idea.  :)  He is so smart.  He knows exactly what you are saying and he is very clever about how he responds.  Sometimes he acts like he doesn't hear you and other times he does it just the say you say.  His fro is getting bigger and bigger and most everyone thinks it's time for a hair cut but neither daddy nor I are ready for that yet. He is still struggling with his sleeping really bad.  His time of perfect sleeping left and has not returned for us yet.  I'm hoping getting back into a routine, will help him and I tremendously. He still loves Barney but now he is watching a lot of The Backyardagins.  Mainly because it is the cutest cartoon every created.  Grandma, Jerry, and I all agree that it's hillarious.  With characters with names like "Uniquequa, Tyrone, Pablo, Austin, and Tasha"  how could you ask for anything better.  Their dance moves are the best.  The opening song is pretty slow and when Julian dances to it he almost tips over he's moving so slow.  It's funny. 

Well I am exhausted and my men are playing  a little soccer in front of me so I better go get in on the game.  Well... at least a little with my good leg. 

Pictures of the new house coming soon. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

trip to the beach

I've been saying I would like to take Julian to the beach sometime this summer but I am just now getting where I can half way endure the pain of sitting in the car for a long period of time.  So today we had nothing to do and we decided since I can not get into my classroom yet to move in, I guess today was the day for the beach.  Julian loved loved it!!  He would have stayed all day but Grandma and I decided it was time to go after about one hour.  He got the experience of running, splashing, chasing birds, etc...  but we would have fried if we would have stayed much longer.  It was a short trip but very very sweet.  I hear a lot of crap about how bad Galveston beach is but for just a little 1/2 day trip to splash around at the beach I think it's pretty great.  Next summer it will be ON and crackin.  Julian and I have some making up to do on all our beach, water park, museum, and every other kind of play place.