Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Closing delayed :(

Well I am not closing on my house today like I had originally been told. I will be closing on Thursday. The carpet was scheduled to be put in tomorrow and then I could move all my stuff in. Well that had to be rescheduled and the soonest they could put it in was next Wednesday. So I am sad I have to wait until then to move anything upstairs but at least I can start getting the downstairs settled and I definitely have enough work in my classroom at school to last me a few weeks so that should keep me pretty busy.

I'm at 19 weeks. That means after this week, I have 19 more weeks to go. I'm half way there. I can't believe 19 weeks have gone by so quickly. I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing in 19 more weeks. My good friend here in Houston had her baby yesterday. She had her at the same hospital that I will be delivering at. We have the same OB. I'm glad I got to see the hospital and see what to expect. It seemed nice and she has had a great experience so I'm hoping all will be the same for me too. It has been a learning experience being up at the hospital with her today. I've gone to see friends who have had babies before but I have never asked so many questions and paid such close attention to every detail. So much to learn!! Seeing and holding Dorie made me wonder and anticipate what my baby boy is going to look like. So exciting!

Well things are good. Hopefully next time I post, I will be a home owner and all moved in.

Have a Blessed week!! - LC

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm In Love!!

We are 100% sure he is a HE!!! We do not have a name picked out yet but we are working hard to get it. I'm sooo ready to know his name and share it with everyone!!

I had my perinatologist appointment this morning. It went great. The doctor was very pleased with my sugar levels. He said the baby and me look great. I think every time I've had a sonogram, I've just been laying there praying/in shock. I have thought they were wonderful but still just laying there wide eyed with no emotion. This time was very differnt. As soon as the doctor put the gel on my belly and put that thing on there, the very first image was the most perfect little hand. I could see all 5 fingers and a little skinny arm and it looked like I could even see fingernails. It seriously was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Ha! I know that sounds funny but it's true. The rest of the scan went really well. We talked about all his organs and the doctor seemed to think everything looked normal and developing on schedule. Seeing his heart and the four chambers pumping was way cool. During this they were printing all these pictures off and the nurse was taping them all in my file. So I asked if I could have a picture to take home this time. They were very nice and wanted to get a good picture of him for me to take. He turned the machine on the 4d ultrasound thing to see his brain and face and stuff. Seeing his brain was amazing/creepy :). So they printed off a few of the 4d pictures for me to take. I know it is a big privilage to get those 4d pictures and to see my baby so often because most mommies don't get but one or two ultrasounds their entire pregnancy and if they get a 4d it is usually pretty expensive... BUT to be quite honest, the 4D thing sort of creeps me out a little. I think Kelly had a good point when she agreed and said maybe that's why they are inside our belly where we can't see them until God wants us to. I think I have determined I am an old school sonogram picture girl. :) I don't have to go back to see the high risk doc for 12 weeks!! YAY!! That will take one appointment out of the mix for a while which is great.

My diabetes appointment yesterday went very well also. They seem to understand more than other doctors, how much hard work it actually takes to get and keep your blood sugar levels in check with all these crazy crazy hormones that are ever changing!!! But there is always some room for improvement and there is always something new to learn.

I CLOSE ON MY HOUSE ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!! I am so excited to get moved in and settled. I close on the 29th and then get carpet put in on the 30th!! I think the new carpet will really make the place feel like it's MINE!!! I know Odis is ready to enjoy his new backyard.

We found baby furniture!! We found it on craigslist and the couple lived close by. It is very very nice and they have used it for both of their babies. It is in great condition and they were very nice people and more than willing to let us wait and pick it up on the day we are moving the rest of my furniture in. I will post pictures I'm sure after I get it in my house and set up.

A few questions answered: I have been feeling great. I have not felt him moving in there yet. I do not know his name yet. I AM still hungry all the time. I do not have any weird cravings.

I am so in Love with my little boy already. I can't wait to meet him. :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

awake too early

I am: enjoying every minute of my summer vacation.. i love being a teacher
i dream: about my baby and what he's going to look like
i think: being pregnant is such a miracle and a gift from God
I know: my life will never be the same
i want: my pancreas to work so that i can eat any carbs i want without it affecting my blood sugar and i could take off my "beeper" :)
i have: so many people who love me
i wish: my bff and my friends and family all lived close to me (by the lake would be nice :)
i hate: when i hear that a baby or child or anyone has been abused.
i fear: the possible complications that could happen to my little boy because i'm diabetic
i feel: overwhelmed when i walk into babies r us
i hear: some people talking on "a baby story"
i smell: everything now that i'm pregnant... and most often it's NOT a good thing
i crave: CARBS!!!
i wonder: how big my belly is going to get
i regret: leaving my shoes at the park on my 3rd grade field trip
I ache: when i get too hungry :)
i love: my creator and ice cream :)
I care: about being the best mom for my baby
i always: look for a good deal on flights to kansas or lubbock.. i always talk myself out of spending the money
i am not: ok with people who look at the negative in everything
i believe: God's plan is better than mine
i cry: less than most girls.. but much more now that i'm pregnant
i don’t always: work out as hard or as long as i should
i fight: for my students and their best interest
i write: lists then most often i lose them or forget to look at them
i lose: my mind when i am tired and i can't sleep because of this dang restless leg syndrome
i never: dreamed this time last year that i would be 17 weeks pregnant right now
i listen: but i'm a carver, i can't hear if you mumble!!!
i can usually be found: hanging out at home or somewhere with my Odis
i need: a personal chef to help me with my diet
i am happy about: buying a new house
i desire: to have a healthy beautiful baby and family
i hope: i make my friends and family and strangers for that matter feel important and loved

Monday, July 14, 2008

a few updates

17 weeks. feeling great. still hungry. very hungry. all the time. heart burn sucks. i've been working out more. well riding the eliptical nearly everyday for 45 mins - 1 hour. not sure if that qualifies as a "work out" but it's more than i was doing when i was so sick. yay for me! starting to shop around for baby furniture which is fun. it would be more fun if it weren't so expensive.

new house inspections tomorrow. carpet people coming to get measurements so that they can be ready to lay that before I move in at the end of the month. so excited about getting in and getting settled.

next doctors appointments are as follows:
Diabetes - Monday 7/21
High risk OB - Tuesday 7/22
Regular OB - Wednesday 7/30

and I better get a picture to take home this time around! :)

God is Good...

All the Time!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

baby bump

Well this is me - 16 weeks 3 days. All is well! -- I just realized that my little Odis decided to be in the picture too. That's hillarious! I had no idea he was even around. And I also just realized that I hope NO ONE has a widescreen monitor when they are viewing this picture because I definitely just saw my blog on a widescreen monitor and I swear it doesn't look like that before I posted it. :) I know i have a baby bump but I am not THAT big.. yet.

House update: waiting on contract to be signed so I can move forward with everything. whew hew!!!

Take care - Bye

Monday, July 7, 2008

house hunting

There is A LOT that comes along with this house buying stuff. I was referred to a realator that I really like. I have seen several houses. I found one I really like and I officially put an offer on the table tonight. We SHALL SEE????!!! Wish me luck.

Baby Update: I am 16 weeks today and my only difference than the last time I blogged is .. I'M HUNGRY!!!! ALL THE TIME!!! I guess you hear stories about pregnant women and their cravings and you think it's a little crazy. I don't have the crazy cravings, but I am STARVING all the time!!! I'll eat a big lunch and think that will hold me over until dinner. HAHA. Like clockwork a couple hours later I am headed to the kitchen.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i like food again

I am back in H town now. I had a great time visiting friends and family on my little one week get-a-way. My niece and nephew seem like they grow a few years everytime I see them. I got to visity with my girls in Cedar Hill for a day which was delightful and Odis and I both got our hair cut and then we were back to Houston.

My last post was last Monday after my high risk OB appointment. At that point I was still very nauseous and sick. I hadn't gained any weight since this pregnancy began at that point either. On Tuesday morning I woke up and the thought of food sounded good -- I was very suprised! So pretty much Tuesday was the first day I snapped out of the sickness. It's funny because everyone says you'll start feeling better after the first trimester. It was actually one day after but I thought that was pretty good timing to start feeling better. At that point I was barely showing ..maybe had a little pooch but that's about it. Well Wednesday I woke up and all that changed. I swear over night I looked prego. Weird! But the good news is... I'm not sick!! I would say it's great because it will be easier to watch my diet and blood sugar now that I don't puke at the thought of eating most everything BUT I am definately thinking liking food does not make it much easier. Now I'm just more hungry and want to eat more so this diabetes is a never ending battle I tell ya.

So I had my regular OB appointment today and I had gained. I'll just leave it with "I GAINED." ha! As for the update, I guess all is well. I talked to the doc, asked my questions, they listened to the heart beat, took my blood pressure and I was out of there. That was my first appointment that I have not had an ultrasound. I wasn't expecting to have one this time, but I will say it was a let down not getting to see him in there moving around. So I was sent for more blood work and that's about it. I think I have a whole 2 weeks with no appointments. My next round of appointments start again on Monday, July 20th I think. I'm hoping these two free weeks will be a good house hunting time and I will have something very soon. Can't wait!

So last week, as I blogged, we found out that we were having a boy. It's seems even more crazy knowing that little slice of information. Of course everyone's been asking me the name. I'm sure I would tell his name if I knew it. My family really wanted to know. It was funny the names they called him all week. My niece and nephew had some great suggestions like Dinaco (from the movie Cars) and Rainbow (i guess from the sky :). I told them I would add them to the list to consider :) haha. It's fun actually going through and looking at names now. I can't wait to have his name. I guess we do still have plenty of time to make that decision.

If you read my blog, make sure you go check out two of the blogs I have linked to mine. "A little Slice of Heaven" is written by Taylor, my best friend's cousin. And "Pray for Trey and Tyler." They are two of my brother's good friends who were in a horrible accident over a month ago and they have a long road to recovery. Both blogs are families that could use a little "lifting up." I'm sure they would appreciate any extra prayers they could get :)