Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Closing delayed :(

Well I am not closing on my house today like I had originally been told. I will be closing on Thursday. The carpet was scheduled to be put in tomorrow and then I could move all my stuff in. Well that had to be rescheduled and the soonest they could put it in was next Wednesday. So I am sad I have to wait until then to move anything upstairs but at least I can start getting the downstairs settled and I definitely have enough work in my classroom at school to last me a few weeks so that should keep me pretty busy.

I'm at 19 weeks. That means after this week, I have 19 more weeks to go. I'm half way there. I can't believe 19 weeks have gone by so quickly. I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing in 19 more weeks. My good friend here in Houston had her baby yesterday. She had her at the same hospital that I will be delivering at. We have the same OB. I'm glad I got to see the hospital and see what to expect. It seemed nice and she has had a great experience so I'm hoping all will be the same for me too. It has been a learning experience being up at the hospital with her today. I've gone to see friends who have had babies before but I have never asked so many questions and paid such close attention to every detail. So much to learn!! Seeing and holding Dorie made me wonder and anticipate what my baby boy is going to look like. So exciting!

Well things are good. Hopefully next time I post, I will be a home owner and all moved in.

Have a Blessed week!! - LC

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Amber said...

Any update on the name yet...I'm excited to know!?