Tuesday, August 2, 2011

home away from home away from home...

I love Cedar Hill.  
I truly feel like God led me there for a reason.  I attended 9:30 at FBC Lubbock where I met several great friends who happened to be from Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Lancaster.  Thankfully Emily Dugan (morris) asked me to be in her and Jason's wedding the summer after I had graduated from Tech and was looking for a teaching job.  At a wedding shower for Emily in Cedar Hill I met two fabulous women, Terri Doherty and Cindy Henry.  Mrs. Terri worked for CHISD in HR.  I was encouraged to apply.  I happened to be really great friends with her son and his finace, Sally, who both went to 9:30 also.  Ryan and Megan Henry, Cindy's children, also went to 9:30.  So after going to several wedding events and getting to know the Doherty's, I interviewed and had several job options at a few different schools.  Terri "highly encouraged" me to choose the pre k job at this older campus because I would be working with Cindy Henry.  BEST DECISION for sure!!  

I was blessed with the best first teaching job ever with the best coworkers.  Those coworkers soon became very close friends.  After 5 years of my perfect job I left it to come to Houston with Jerry.  Which is a decision I will never ever regret but I will admit I miss my perfect job and my friends a lot.  I bring up finding a train job and moving back to Cedar Hill several times a year.  It is a conversation that I already know the obvious and reality but it is a fun thought.  I love getting to go visit.  We usually stay at the 5 star "Seeley Inn" which we love. I really think Cedar Hill is a place I will always have such fond memories of and treasure my time there when I was first on my own and "starting" my grown-up life.  I started out there as "the baby" and if I were still there I would just be a veteran teacher which would just be weird and I would just be jealous of all the other younger teachers coming in thinking they were "the babies."  I thank God a lot for my friendships and my time that I was there. I had such great mentors, friends, big sisters, etc...

Melissa, Jill, Jacqueline, and I all had babies in November and December of 2008 so it is nice to get to spend time with other mothers of 2 1/2 year olds.  So interesting.  It is easy to feel all alone in this battle with a little one who thinks he can do everything by himself and when he doesn't get to or can't do something, he completely loses his mind.  It was just very nice to see other little 2 1/2 year olds with the same "issues" :)  We had a great time getting the kids together.  After Julian and I arrived at Deb's house and had a little nap we all met up at the Henry's house for a "pizza party."  Julian was so excited about that "pizza party" at which he ate one little bite of pizza and decided it wasn't for him.  All the boys were there and we got to meet little miss Reese, Cindy's grandbaby/ Tanya and Logan's daughter.  She is a doll.  The next day we all met up at the water park in Mansfield.  It was awesome.  We all had a great time together and then when all of them were way overdue for their naps we were out of there.  Later that evening Debbie and Amanda went with Julian and I to my favorite place to eat EVER...  TON's Mongolian..  it was awesome as usual.  The next morning we woke up and went to visit with Cindy for a bit and then all met up at Panera for a great lunch before heading back to Houston.  Julian fell asleep just as planned right after hitting the highway.  The plan was also for him to take a 3 hour nap and make it almost home before waking up..  haha NOT.  He slept for about an hour and a half and then he talked to me (yelled at me) the rest of the way.  All in All it was an awesome trip.  We got to see all my besties except for my Barnes family who we really missed getting to see but we are soooooo happy Inass was cleared by all her doctors to go spend some much needed time with her sister.  
I love Cedar Hill!
lunch at Panera with the crew

julian being shy with the girls

julian was steeling her cherios but decided to share a few

julian, luke, and carson at 3 and 4 months
not as easy to get them sit still these days

our baby boys
our independent 2 1/2 year olds

julian's singing (yelling) performance for the party

all the girls