Thursday, October 29, 2009


1. julian is walking everywhere. trying to run
2. julian is going to be Spider Man for halloween!! whew hew!!
3. his two top front teeth are the biggest (cutest) baby teeth i've ever seen
4. his birthday is coming up soon.. invites are ready.. Dec. 5th. Be There!
5. he is definitely improving his "momma" and his "bye bye" . he's had his "dada" down for a while
6. he is getting a bit of a fro going on
7. he's loves to swing
8. he can shoot baskets!! in desperate need of a bigger goal for him cuz his is for when he was barely sitting. :) so he more like hover's it now
9. speaking of baskets.. Kansas Basketball is starting next week!!! ROCK CHALK
10. both bff's are prego at the same time again- Kel in January and Mandy in May
11. no ESL stipend next year. boo to budget cuts

Saturday, October 17, 2009

one month of walking

Walking one month after the first steps:

He is now walking everywhere and really doesn't crawl that much at all. Please ignore my phone conversation in the background. Bad timing for a phone call but just wanted to share my cute little boy walking. Notice the video has to be cut off early because he picks up a leaf and decides to eat it. There are so many different kinds of baby food that this little boy will not touch but anthing off the floor is delicious!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trip to Mandy's

Julian and I drove to Waco Friday night and spent Saturday with my best friend from Tech, Mandy, and her little boy and family. We had a great time. It was so great cathing up. Julian did great on the way there and then woke up and was ready to go once we got there at 11:00 at night!! Needless to say Julian and I did not get that much sleep but we had a great day Saturday with Mandy and her family. Here are a few pictures from the weekend:
Here is my baby J with his "Baby J" :)
Julian and I

Mandy getting her some Julian lovin

It is not that easy to get 2 little ones to look at you, smile, and then actually get their whole heads in the picture. Julian had a great time with his friend Brett.

Julian's first time sitting forward in one of Brett's carseats. For some reason he kept his hand up like this. I guess he wanted to be ready to wave at any time.

Julian is walking more than crawling
He has 4 teeth.
He crawls a set of stairs very very fast
He is awake so gotta go because he is OBSESSED with this laptop and thinks it's a drum. GEEEEZ!!!!