Saturday, February 27, 2010

Welcome Baby Chaos!

As of Thursday, February 25th, we are officially the proud family of a 10 week old American Bulldog who is now named Chaos! The name definitely fits him. Jerry has been interested in this breed for a while and so we have both researched it and also have a friend who has one. They are huge!! Everyone I've ever spoken to who has had one, LOVES them and says they are the best pets; loyal, protective, brave, etc... We are very excited to have him. We lucked out because the lady selling them was actually keeping him because he was the "pick of the litter" and then later decided to sell him because she felt he was too active for her. He is actually pretty laid back so far but that could be the newness of everything. So he was one of the last three and we even got him for a lowered price because she's at the point that she's just ready to get rid of them. He comes from a really huge bloodline so he has the potential to be around 140 lbs. Julian loves having him around. Chaos likes that Julian is his size and wants to play a little too much sometimes and Julian is NOT havin that! But for the most part they have been great together. Here are a few pictures of our newest family member.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Trip to see our Ballards

Julian givin Brooks some loving on our last night there. Julian and I in Coach Self's office in front of the National Championship trophey.
The boys playing on the floor before they are ready to run out to the tunnell.

In the locker rooms.

On the new practice court. Check out the national championship floor from San Antonio! very cool

Julian's own personal tour of the Fieldhouse from uncle Brett. In the men's basketball offices.

Julian and I after the game.

Super Mom Kel! Brooks sleeping away with all the noise.
Enjoying a litle pregame warm ups. or more like keeping his eye on those Jayhawks and making sure they don'g get any closer. HA!

Julian was not a fan of baby Jay.

A little Jayhawk Football with Kaden
Waking up with Kaden.. Pancakes on the way!

A cookie break from a tough game of basketball.

Airport fun! If it could have only entertained him from about 5 more hours! YIKES!!

I have had this blog written since Feb 15th (the day we returned from Kansas) but I am just now getting back around to actually posting it. I was waiting for time to upload pics to this blog..
Our trip began Thursday (Feb 11th)... We headed to the airport for a 5:30 flight. All went well until about 5 when we found out that we were being delayed until 6 because we were waiting for a flight attendant to arrive from her flight that had been delayed.... long story short.... flight attendant arrived at 8 and we were on the plane by 8:15 only to find out 15 mins later that we were having to wait for another flight attendant because the first one was "timed out." ... 2nd flight attendant arrived only to find out NOW the pilot and copilot had "timed out" and we were waiting for another flight crew. yadda yadda yadda......... our plane took off around 9:30 and we arrived in Kansas at 11:30. ALL THIS WITH A 14 MONTH OLD!!! HALLELUJAH!!!
HOLY MOLLY so we got in bed around 2 am that night and Julian was so gracious sleep in till 7:30.
Friday... fun loving on Baby Brooks, picking Kaden up from the babysitter, naptime, swim lessons, and dinner with Kel and Steph. I was still very much mentally and emotionally exhausted from the 7 hours of HELL the night before so it was an early night for Julian and I

Saturday (game day!)... woke up, up and about and on our way to visit Kel's grandparents (GG and Pop), lunch, KU store to buy Julian a shirt, target, naps, and getting ready for the Jayhawks... We had a great time at the game. It really is cool getting to experience a KU basketball game in Allen Fieldhouse. Anyone who loves sports should do it for sure. and Julian got his first experience at age 1 so he's a lucky little boy. They were playing Iowa State so it wasn't a very close game but it's not like I really was able to see much of a game anyways. It's definitely a different experience watching the game with 14 month old. It was more like trying to keep Julian from tumbling down bleechers while a game was in the background. :) So it was a great night. We had lots of fun. I can't wait for Julian to get a little older and go again.

Sunday... Julian and I got a personal tour from Brett of the new renovations to the Basketball facilities. The last time I was there was 3 years ago and there were a lot of very very cool changes. Julian loved walking around and finding all the basketballs (real and on the walls). After our tour we had lunch with Steph and back home for naps, after nap time we went to Granny Debbie's (kel's mom) house for dinner. I forgot the name of the soup but it was WONDERFUL! Baths at Deb's and home to bed.

Monday... woke up, and to the airport! We left on time, we arrived on time!! PRAISE GOD!!!
We had an AWESOME trip.. it started crazy but I am so glad Julian and I got to make a trip to Lawrence to see our Ballards and meet Baby Brooks. Kaden is getting so big and so much fun. He is at such a cool age and he's such a great big brother. Julian had a great time following him around. Kaden really wished that Julian could talk and follow his directions but J is not quiet there yet. Kaden kept saying, "Mom! He can't talk!" It was hillarious. I so wish we lived right down the street from each other so our boys could grow up together but even though we don't, I am looking forward to our annual trips, meetings, vacations, or whatever it takes to get together.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things a baby should know....

1. babies should know that when your blood sugar is extremely low, mommy needs a small break to get some sugar and a calm moment to regroup.. they don't
2. babies should know that when mommy's toothache gets so bad that she wants to cry, it's not the best time to try to head butt you
3. babies should know how to use the potty or at least know that when mommy has just cleaned your booty and put you down to run to the bathtub, it is NOT a good time to poop all over the carpet and step in it just for fun


4. babies should know that sometimes mommies are not the best cooks and not organized enough to manage time well enough to have new things cooked every night.
5. babies should know that when you sneeze up a bunch of snot in the car seat ... you should wait two seconds so mommy can turn around and safely wipe it away insead of taking it upon yourself to use your hand to spread it around..
I need prayer!! :)

Here is a picture of my CLEAN baby after the fact. Such a cutie pie!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chuck E Cheese.. a milestone!!!

Julian had his first trip to Chuck E Cheese on Sunday.. YIKES!! I left thinking it might be my mission in life to make Julian hate that place. We had our second trip on Tuesday for our school PTA meeting. Sooooooo much more enjoyable. So I guess I just decided I might have to just make him hate chuck e cheese during the weekends :). We have 2 more Birthday Parties to attend during the month of Febrary at Chuck E Cheese and I have a feeling that this is just the start of a lot of Chuck E cheese fun.

He came home Sunday from Chuck E Cheese with a balloon/ punching bag.
Here is Julian wearing his cute little shirt he received from Miss Katie and the cute little Boston Red Sox hat. He's so stylin!

My first Scentsy party went really well. It was beautiful outside that day. My mom and I made waffles for everyone and all the kids got to run in and out. Here is Auntie Melissa (my para at school) pulling Julian in his FAVORITE!! He loves his wagon!

Julian and I took a trip to Dallas during Januarty and of course we couldn't leave without going to TONS Mongolian... my favorite place!!
Here is Julian with Luke, one my teacher friends from my old school in Cedar Hil.. this is her little boy who is about a month older than Julian. Cute little boys!
Just wanted to share a few pictures from the first month of 2010!! As you can see, Julian is growing like a weed. He is at the stage that he thinks he should climb up and fit in everything and he gets soooo mad when he cant fit in something. I'm not sure if this is a "stage" or if this is just Julian. :) haha I need to get it on video because it's hillarious watching him trying to fit himself or a huge basketball inside a tiny little hoop.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I miss my friend.....

On Thursday, January 21st I lost my best buddy, Odis P. I miss him sooo much and it may be crazy to some but for those of us who don't consider their pet, just a pet but a best friend, you understand. Everyone misses him. It's hard to imagine that we just move on with life without him and how could I ever every find another pet as good as him. He was really special. He knew when I was sad and would cuddle and lick my tears (if i'd let him), he wanted to go anywhere i went and he gave me the most pathetic saddest face and would creeeeep back to where he was laying when I wasn't taking him with me. When I was happy, you would have never seen a dog more happy. He really was with me through it all. He couldn't have been better with Julian from day one!! As crazy as he could be sometimes, he never was too rough with Julian. He let Julian try to kiss him and lay on him and crawl over him and bite him and pull his tail. I lost my best buddy (my first born) and i'll never forget him. His collar is hanging on my rear view mirror and even though i cry every time i get him my car now, I want to remember him everyday and I know that's where he loved to be. He would prefer to be riding right in my lap even if i was 9 months pregnant and there was no room for him, that's where he wanted to be. My laptop screen saver is a picture of Odis and Julian and when Julian sees it, he gets so excited and says,"OOOOOOOO." I miss my baby!! I can't even believe he's gone. xoxoxox

I have been a big slacker in the Blog department lately but I'm trying to get back on track. The first of January our church went on a 21 day fast. Lots of people gave up a lot of different things. I really felt convicted about the time of my life that is completely WASTED that i will never get back that i spent reading abouth what so and so's child did all day long and yadda yadda yadda. I love facebook for staying in touch with old friends and sharing pictures, but really!! it's too much and some of those "friends" couldn't care less what i am thinking and what's up with julian. I know that, because over 90% of the updates are things i waste my time reading and after I finished reading it I am embarassed that i'll never get that minute of my life back because i chose to spend it reading what time that person got off work, worked out, took a nap, went to church, the recipe of what they cooked for dinner,lkjd;ajdf;laj;erua;uerf!!!!!!!!!! I barely get a chance to spend quality alone time connecting with my family and friends, whether by phone or by blog or in person. I come to my blog world and love hearing what my best friends are up too and their random thoughts. So my "fast" was NOOOOO facebook or lap top while Julian is awake. and NOOOOO TV before 7 and only after 7 when it is a certain few shows.. my baby may not be paying attention to it and i may be playing but i have no desire for any of the stupid bachelor or any of that seep in my baby's brain. So the actual 21 day fast is over but I'm thinking I never intended it to be just a 21 day thing. I am so blessed to have the things I do. I am incredibly blessed to have a healthy baby boy, a man who loves us and takes great care of us, a family who loves and supports every move I make, and friends that are like family. thank you thank you Jesus!!
Ok so i'm back to the Blog world today and I want to become more consistant with this not because I think everyone is disappointed they don't see an update but because I want my son to be able to look back someday and see what was going on when he was young. After all, I started this blog for him. Before I even knew he was a "he," I wanted to blog so I could share my jouney with him someday and he would never ever question how much he was loved from before he was even created.
Julian will be 14 months old on Feb. 5th. I can't believe that my baby is changing and growing so much everyday. You would think he big changes would slow down eventually, but he amazes us everyday. He copies everything we do. He tries his best to repeat the words we say and he picks up sign language so quickly. He is such a big boy and tries to run everywhere. He is also such a "helper." He wants to help even when I the best help would be him just leaving me alone :). He would shoot baskets all day long if we would continue picking him up to his goal. He still has no interest in milk but luckily he loves his yogurt and yogurt drinks so we are thankful for that. He can say; more, please, and all done, in sign language. He can say ball, momma, dadda, gooooo!!!! He can follow directions like "go get your jacket" and "bring me the basketball" (and btw, he knows the difference in the basketball and football). When Jerry walks in the door, there is nothing better than seeing how excited and happy he gets to see his daddy. Jerry is so good with him. His hair is growing a lot thicker and I think curls get tighter everyday. I am not sure if I'll ever want to cut it. His eyese are still a very unique color. He loves to play with his friends at Ms. Sylvia's everyday while i'm at work. I learned that we need to work on sharing and taking turns on Sunday during our first visit to Chuck E Cheese. YIKES!! That place is crazy!! He can tell you "what the Indian said" and he can tell you where is belly button, hair, mouth, and he's really close to the nose. (belly button is by far his favorite). He loves to read books. Well, half of the book at least! He doesn't give me much time to finish a book and i'm a pretty slow reader in general so doesn't work out well for ever finishing a book.

Julian Travis Curry, you are amazing! You were created to do great things. You were made in the image of God. You were purposfully, uniquely, and wonderfully made. Jesus put you in my heart before I was even born and YOU are proof that God gives you the desires of your heart. because God gave us you! I tell you these things everyday. We say the ABC's of "who you are" often!! I want these sayings and these beliefs to be part of who you are. I want you never ever to forget who you are. I want you to always know that God created YOU to change the world and to do amazing things and to love people and show people the image of God. I thank Jesus for you. I am a better person for being your mom.
I love you,