Sunday, June 28, 2009

Curry Family Visit/ Dedication

Julian's Curry family drove in from Jackson, TN on Thursday. We have had such a great weekend. I am so glad they finally got to meet our little guy. I think they like him "just a little bit." :) The first night we went to daddy's basketball game. A curch league

Friday night for Julian's grandaddy's birthday we had to introduce them to the famous Potato Patch. Here is Julian with his two big cousins Jonathon and Jordan, both very good babysitters.
Saturday we all headed south to visit some of Julian's relatives and then off to the beach at Galveston. It was interesting seeing all the changes since IKE hit. Julian's first time to touch the ocean. Maybe someday he can touch some ocean that's not so brown.

Julian and daddy at the beach.
The whole crowd chillin.

Sunday was Julian's dedication at church. We all went and our good friends Jeana and Jerod and their kids came also. It was a special day for our little guy.

This afternoon we did a little sight seeing downtown Houston.
Julian had the best seat in town on daddy's shoulder.
Julian was asleep for the first 20 mins of our "sight seeing." Someone (no names) failed to mention that we were actually getting out of the car and going to walk around down there or I would have brought the stroller. Needless to say, I was a little tired walking with a sweaty heavy baby. Julian's cousin, DeAsia, and I took a short rest.
Julian has had a great time for the past few days meeting all his family. I hope we are able to take him to Jackson someday soon so he can meet the rest of the bunch. There are many many that were unable to make the trip and we missed getting to meet.

Hope everyone has a great week.

PS. it's soooo hot

Monday, June 22, 2009

on your mark.. get set... GOOOOO!!!!

My DSL has been out for a couple days so I'm just now getting to post this. I think I took this video on Friday (6/19). Oh how things have already changed. I am telling you, this kid is off and running. He is OBSESSED with cords. He wants any cord coming from the wall. Obviously this is a highly dangerous obsession so it keeps me very very busy. So I'm not sure if i should just unplug everything in my house and cover all outlets and live in the dark with no entertainment, put this boy in a cage, or tie him to a poll. :) haha. I guess I'll just keep chasing him around everywhere and telling him no. He dosen't seem to understand that word yet. He is so dang cute. He army crawls/ inch worm crawls/ pulls his body across the room. He isn't at all interested in any of his toys... just cords.

Here are a couple pictures I took earlier that day when the sun was hitting his fro just right. Everyone needs to go all natural with the hair every once in a while:) and Odis loves Julian's musical talent.

I have soooo much to do this week getting ready for company. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone but lots to do. So I guess I better get to it then. Have a great week everyone.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Julian's new whiny sound

On Friday (6/12) Julian started exploring some new sounds while babbling in his crib. It started out as dadadadada and babababa and mamamama etc.... and then turned into the same sounds but whining and then I took this video on Sunday. The sound is gone now but he's still smacking his lips the same way and it's the funniest thing. (and the saddest face - i just can't help but laugh). And notice he doesn't like it when a friend takes his toys. And notice when i laugh at him, all of a sudden he forgets his whining and thinks he's funny.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

1/2 a year!! / Baby Dedication

I always post about Julian's check ups and I posted my pics from dallas and forgot. He went in on the Tuesday morning we left for dallas for his 6 month check up. CRAZY that he has been around for 6 months. He is such a big boy.

He weighed 19.35
28 1/2 inches long
and he still has a big head :) (it's perfect!!)
he got his shots and was a champ. poor guy
Julian can now sit up alone
He is sooooo ticklish
he is very close to crawling
somehow he still manages to get anywhere he wants
i sure hope he gets a tooth someday soon. his gums are so swollen
he likes to chew on everything. his toes and my shirts seem to be a few of his favorites
he loves the water. he has loved all his swimming experiences so far

Also, just FYI Julian will be having his baby dedication at my church (Grace Church of Humble) on June 28th at 11:30. We have a lot of family and friends coming to church with us that day. Grandma and Grandaddy Curry will be there!! Some of Julian's cousins from TN will also be there and we are so excited for Julian to get to meet them. Also I think my aunts will be making the trip with my mom so I'm looking forward to seeing them as well. So I just want to invite you if I haven't already. If you are not able to come we totally understand but wanted to THANK all of our famly and friends that love to keep track of baby Julian on this blog and pray for him. Thank you thank you! I know that you all have been praying for him since he was in my tummy and it means a lot. God is soooo good!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Congratulations Debbie

Julian and I went to Dallas to surprise Aunt Deb for her graduation party. Just got back today. We had so much fun seeing everyone. Here are a few pics from our trip to the big D:

We loved getting stay with Ms. Cindy

Congratulations Aunt Debbie!!!

Ms. Tanya

The 3 Stooges

Just takin a ride on Blake's big wheel.

Julian's Barnes Brothers

Saturday, June 6, 2009

mommy initiation

Here is Julian at the Children's Museum today. He is so close to making something happen with this crawling thing. I think he might have officially crawled today but we'll keep waiting till we get it on video to call it "officially."

Yeah so we went to the Children's Museum of Houston today with one of my friends and her cute little 2 year old, Nicholas. J took a nap on the way and was wide awake and looking around and "exploring/learning" for a good 2 hours before we made our "descent" (ha!) We had a great day at the museum. The whole 2nd floor is just for babies and it was so much fun watching him roll and scoot around. I got some cute pictures.

So I think I was officially "initiated" into motherhood today. I have already been through sick screaming baby, projectile vomit, poop all over and up the back, spit up on everything before i go to work but today it is OFFICIAL. I drove home today with what I thought was a sleeping baby. Evidentally he was up to much more than that. I never heard him make a noise or a movement but the boy had some things going on back there. By the time we pull into the garage I have to go to the bathroom so bad I wasn't sure I was going to make it. I pull him out and wake him up with my running. I get him out of his seat and smell a little something but apologize to my baby and tell him as I'm running that he is just going to have to sit on this bouncer for 30 secs while mommy gets to the b room. Well i put him in it and then all of a sudden i see something on his face and then all of a sudden i see really dark green EVERYWHERE. It was covering my arms and shirt already. I STILL NEED TO USE IT. but i wash my hands and arms quickly and grab a towel, i glance over and see his car seat is covered, and realize i have to get my baby out of that bouncer and when i am able to assess the problem. it was worse than i could have ever imagined............ the rest of this story consist of....... screaming, cleaning poop, gagging, cleaning poop, bathtub too cold, baby screaming, spraying off poop, 2nd bath of the day, cleaning more poop, nice clean baby, mommy cleaning more poop off stuff, disassembling all toys and car seats and everthing and washing everything washable, cleaning more poop, lots of gagging, and I AM STILL SMELLING POOP!!!! (of course as soon as he's nice and clean and i have cleaned all the poop, Jerry walks in the door. hahaha)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

beach day!!

Today was Beach Day at my school and I have been promising that I would bring Julian up to school to meet my kids for 6 months now and well since school's over tomorrow, better late than never. Grandma is here babysitting this week so she brought Julian to join in the fun :). He was the cutest one there for sure.
since he didn't get to get too wet at beach day I took him swimming in his pool when we got home.

this is just a pic of my slam dunk baby. he is sooooooo almost fixing to figure out this crawling thing. it's so funny to watch him up on his hands and knees trying to figure it out.