Sunday, April 1, 2012


Doesn't he look like such a soccer STAR??? (april fools!!) Don't let the picture fool you.  This picture is our best memory from Julian's first soccer season.  His season isn't actually officially over because technically there is still 2 more Wednesday rainy day make-up games but Julian Curry will not be participating.  If I thought in any way he would be helping out the team by being there, I would make sure he was there.  Let's just say it is obvious to everyone, including coach, that Julian has the athletic ability to play.  It is also very obvious to everyone that he was the youngest one out there and he is not one bit interested in anyone taking his ball away.  He prefers to be in charge.  Julian really improved at practices and his listening skills at the last practice were far improved from the first practice.  See... there are positives to the season I guess.  The only reason I signed him up for soccer, which is one more my least favorite sports, is because I could tell he is so spoiled to getting everything his way. Daddy and I have to throw it perfect or kick it perfectly or he flips out.  I thought maybe if he saw other kiddos all chasing the ball and kicking it around without freaking out he might join in...  NOPE!!  He was always the first one to the ball and he was by far one of the most coordinated and quickest....  all skills of which do not help you when you completely FLIP out every time someone gets in your way or kicks the ball away or bumps into you.  Well anyways we survived (barely!!).  Maybe when he is older, we will try again but for now, SO LONG SOCCER!!!!