Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Private King's deployment party weekend!! Family reunion time!!

playing with my new camera during our much needed stop.  fry.. there is NO place to use the restroom in woodson tx.

gradma and her babies

what a sweet cousin

julian and mamar

miss taylor chasing bubbles.. i love my camera

proof of a LOT of fun being had

first time i have been on a horse in probably 5+ years.. crazy.. julian is still talking about Check 2 weeks later

so much fun on the four wheeler.  this is how he finally fell asleep for a nap

don't have the cutest niece and nephew ever!!

nap time

riley paige is already a great babysitter...  miss addi jane is getting so big
ohhhh biiiiggg!
just a swingin

grandad and "the sisters"

grandad and "the cousins"

grandad and "the greats"

IT'S A........

Jerry got me a new Sony camera and it's AWESOME!   My old camera had no flash and wouldn't take a picture half the time so my picture taking was on a serious decline.  I started talking about "when I get my next camera, I want it to be a really good one so I can get some good pics of J and I thought we were waiting a while to get .  Next thing I know a day or two before I was going home for a family reunion, Jerry called me at school and told me he had forgot some of his work stuff in my car and he was stopping by on his way to work so I needed to go out and unlock the car for him.  He pulls up and says "surprise! I know you could used it this weekend and I knew you would want to play with it all night to practice"  So that's why he dropped it off at school.  Jerry is a keeper!!  :)  These are the first few pics I took with it and I have taken about a million pics already.  I need to learn how to edit them all kinds of crazy ways and then they would be even better!!  Can't wait to learn and get better at this.