Saturday, April 25, 2009


As of Friday, April 24th, 2009...I CAN SEE!!
I had my lasik eye surgery yesterday. It is pretty amazing. I was a lot more nervous than I thought I would be but the thought of anything happening to your eyes is pretty intense. It turned out great. Jerry got to watch the whole thing through a big window and on the TV screen. Before I went in I had to go up and do several of the normal test and then the doctor comes in and does the final "which one looks better? 1 or 2, this one or this one, a or b" just to get the final prescription that they use to correct the eye during surgery. My favorite part was that my doctor had Jerry sit in the chair and he showed Jerry what I've seen for years without my glasses. I guess Jerry has heard me say how blind I was before but until he was sitting there and completely unable to even see anything when the big E was on the screen and the doctor had to put his hand right in front of his face to see anything, that he was amazed that I could actually be that blind. So we go there at 9:45 and I was donating my glasses to South American missions at 11:30. I have a follow up appointment this morning at 9:30 and can't wait to go in and see what my perscription is. They say that your eyes arn't officially their best they are going to get for a couple months but I CAN SEE already so I guess it's only supposed to get better. whew hew!!!

UPDATE: I had my follow up apointment this morning at 9:30 and my vision is almost 20/15. Better than 20/20!! that is so crazy. just 24 hours ago I was 20/650 in one eye and 20/725 in the other. CRAZY!!! God is sooooo cool for creating Lasik. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

a few random pics

Julian in his Johnny Jump (thanks Molly) Our little friend, London. She's going to be a great babysitter soon!! :) Julian isn't so sure about Nate holding him, but little Nate LOVES holding him.

Here J is in his Easter outfit. Ok I realize he looks like a OLD bald man with his pants pulled up so high but as I was trying to get another picture he got mad at me and so this is what you get. And do you think we got a picture the next day with all of us dressed up for church??? of course not. But it was super cute and not at all as dorky as it looks in the picture. :) ha
Just the cutest baby sleeping in his swing.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Family Photo Session

Yesterday we took Julian to get some pictures taken. Technically it is his 2nd photo shoot but the first time we didn't get many printed because it was really just a valentine's gift for daddy. But yesterday we all went to JCPenny's and got the whole sha-bang. I was so worried that Jerry wouldnt' get off work in time or Julian would be fussy because our appointment was kind of late and he hadn't had any good naps allllll day, but it all worked out great. We got some really great pictures of all of us and Julian was so great. Of course he always smiled a lot bigger as soon as she put the camera down to change things aroud but it's ok because we had a horrible time having to decide between so many cute ones. I CAN NOT WAIT TO SHARE WHEN THEY COME IN NEXT WEEK!!!!
So besides that we had a wonderful Easter. We went to church to the early service and Julian got to try out the nursery for the first time. He was only in there for 20 mins after he woke up and he was just as happy as can be playing in one of the jumpers when I went to get him. So Happy belated Easter everyone!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

4 months!

It is hard to imagine that our little man is 4 months. 4 months seems like such a long time. (definitely long enough to be back in shape ... i'm blaming it on my undying adoration for my baby when i get home and i don't want to be away from him for a second... and this darn KNEE of mine.. and maybe i'll give a little blame to Sonic :) So 4 months has FLOWN! Julian had his check up and shots today. He is a champ. He hasn't been home long enough to show any side effects but he's done great for the past few hours since. He hardly cried at all. He is a whopping 16.7 lbs and 26.? inches .... growing like a weed i tell ya!! Everyone that sees a picture of him or sees him in person always goes on and on about how big he is, even the doctor, but he is in the 75th percentile for weight and height and of course with his daddy's big head he's still in the 95 percentile for that :) haha. They ask you all these questions like "is he rolling? is he giggling, yadda yadda. I was so grateful and proud to be able to answer all questions yes!! So all that just to say... We are so BLESSED!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!
my asst. principal at school gave this picture frame today!! sooo freaking cool. I love it

Here are a few pics taken in the past week: Can't you tell he LOVES having his picture taken? Gotta little slobber happening but it's all good :)look at me!! NOT roll over for my mom once again. HA!
not quite big enough for the Johnny Jump yet BUT had to try it out. it was HILARIOUS watching him slide J is with his Ms. Sylvia, our wonderful babysitter. she is such a gift from God.