Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mission: SANTA!!

Even thought I knew handing him over to a strager was going to result in a cute little crying picture like this, I was on a mission this year to find get his picture taken. I heard of all these good deals so I was set on getting a good santa at a good price :) In other words, I didn't want to pay a lot of money for a crying picture of Julian and Santa. We decided to go to Walgreens. My friend Selina brought her little girl Ava over and we went to Walgreens. We walked in and quickly made a Uturn when we saw this skinnies most GHETTO santa ever sitting on a rickety chair in front of a really bootleg get up they called a "background." It was funny so we just got in the car and set off to find another Santa. I had heard about Santa being at Old Town Spring so that is where we went. The picture quality was horrible but we have scanners and it's just the fact that I wanted his picture with Santa. Mission accomplished!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Julian's #1

He's ONE!! (and one day) We had such a fun time yesterday for J's birthday party. He's not that big of a fan of crowds (especially crowds of people he doesn't see that regularly).. So we had that working against us but he did great. The weather was great. We had tons of great friends here to celebrate with us. His party theme was the foam hand number one thing "Julian's #1." I love being his number one cheerleader :) All the planning and anticipation was well worth it. Praise the Lord!! Julian got a ton of new toys which were awesome!! I, being the genious I am, planned his party from 2-4 which is his afternoon nap time. God is good though and let him take a 3 hour nap in the morning so he was still good but by the time 4 got here, he was out! But he got to wake up to all his new toys. Here are some pics from the party. The video is from today. His cousins, Riley Paige and Carson, gave him the rocking horse and you can tell he loves it.

Thank you everyone! Not just the people who were able to be here but everyone, all of our family and friends who read this (the ones who don't read it too). Everyone who loves our little man and prays for him and supports!!! We love you!

Julian's #1 (a Lacy Carver original)
Julian loves loves his grandma
Enjoying a little birthday cake.
He loves his Lightening McQueen power wheel. But he's too busy trying to figure out how to be a stunt driver and stand up on it to figure out how to push the button and go.
With my great friend from Dallas' little boys, Grant and Blake
Like everyone says, his favorite toy was the gift sack. lol!

Thank you everyone!!