Wednesday, October 29, 2008

32 week prego pic

32 weeks prego!
I hate these pants but it was 39 this morning when I left so I couldn't wear my favorite capris. My options on clothes is getting very limited. Just think! I've still got 6 more weeks! HOLY COW! I still have only gained 22 lbs as of yesterday so as long as I keep it under 30, that was my goal.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

twice a week it is!

My once a week plan lasted for one week :). haha. I had an OB appointment today and I guess the hospital visits are starting a lot sooner than I had thought. So now Thursday mornings are hospital visits to monitor baby and I and Tuesdays are OB appointments. Mix in a endocronoligist and a perinatologist every week or two and you've got a big load of FUN FUN.. So in the middle of this maddness I am supposed to get myself, my classroom, and my lesson plans all prepared for the weeks I will be gone when Julian gets here. YIKES!! I know it will get done and all will be fine but it's crazy thinking about it. I am sooooo thankful I have Melissa (my para) in my room who will take over when I'm gone. That makes me feel a lot better about everything but yet makes me want to get things ready for her so her job will be as easy as possible when I am gone.

I think I am allergic to my new house. Any advice someone gives me, I take it. I have kept my air purifier running 24/7. When I am close to it, it's on high! I have vaccumed my furniture. I have swept every day. I have bathed Odis. I have vaccumed all carpet. I have changed the a/c air filter. I have kept fans going. I have asked the doc which allergy medicine is best for me and the baby and YAY he said tylenol allergy is ok because I discovered that it is a miracle worker. I just always waited till I was almost dying before I would take it. Next, I was told to have someone check out the attic to make sure there are no leaks and no mold. So that's on Jerry's "to do" list :) HA! I'm open to all suggestions. I have no idea what really is causing the allergy problem but it's been around for about 2 months now and at first I just thought it was this time of the year and I would get over it like I do every year. but nope! It is definitely still around. A few things people have said it "could" be: my Magnolia tree in the front yard, mold, pine trees everywhere around my house, my dog, etc... but I have been in Houston for over a year and there are pine trees all around all the time. Also I have had my dog for 4 years. Who knows????????

Tomorrow is picture day at school so hopefully I'll have time to tell someone to take my 32 week picture to post. whew hew! Until then... bye

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

31 weeks

Julian is 31 weeks growing now. 7 weeks to go. I had my regular OB appointment today. Looks like I'll be a regular at the doctors office from now on. I had gone to every 2 weeks a while ago and figured it would be a while before I had to start te every week thing but looks like it has started. Is it normal to start going every week when you are 31 weeks prego?? Anyone?? So he only sees his OB patients on Wednesdays which is the most inconvinient day for me and my school schedule because that is the day of the week that all staff meetings and all kinds of other meeting are scheduled. Except for next Wednesday they aren't seeing OB patients at all so instead of missing a staff meeting, I'll just have to miss anohter meeting on Tuesday. I don't know which is worse to miss?? Guess I don't have a choice. Anyways I have a feeling that it's not going to calm down much for a while... or the rest of my life. I guess in a couple weeks I have to start going to the Hospital for some visits so that the baby can be monitored for a while or something?? So with all of that and the High Risk doctor appointments happening more also and then Diabetes doc appointments every week also..... WHEW HEW!!! exciting. I'm so thankful though that I have so many great doctors looking out for what's best for me and my baby. Well I guess that's it until next weeks 32 week picture update. :)
Take Care


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ok I had my 30 week appointment today with the High Risk OB guy and everything went well. It's pretty serious when I'm in there. The doctor comes in takes a lot of pics and measurements and doesn't say much. He answers all the questions I have but you can tell he has an agenda and he gets his work done and gets on. Don't worry! the black spot on the picture has nothing to do with Julian. The doctor just said that was a blank spot from the angle of the sono... something to do with the camera. I wish I had a great picture to show but if you ignore the big fat black circle on his head I think it's a FABULOUS pic of my sweet little boy. I'm just thankful that I get 4D pics.. most people have to pay big money for those things. And my doctor did say he wasn't a photographer so I guess that means I get what I get. :) I have another picture that shows a little more of him and his arms are up by his head but that picture has some camera malfunctions as well and his left arm looks very very squishy and weird. So I'll spare you. How about those cheeks! He weighs 3 lbs 15 ozs which is a little big but I asked and the doctor said that's not toooo big or any concern. So everything looked good I guess. YAY!! PRAISE GOD!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

30 weeks-- YIKES!!

30 weeks! So only 8 more weeks to go. I'm back to having all my doctors appointments very often again. My blood sugars lately have been kind of crazy so I have started back to the diabetes doctor every other week again so they can help keep my insulin pump settings better regulated. Since I went on Friday my blood sugars have been so much better. Between the three doctors every other week, all the meetings at school, parent confrences, lesson plans, trying to figure out maturnity leave stuff, etc.... i'm feeling a little stressed. And everyone just keeps saying slow down, put your feet up, you don't need to be stressed.. yeah right!

On a good note: my mom came in town for the weekend and we have gotten a lot done. We got all of Julian's clothes washed, organized, and put away. Mom painted his closet so it looks a lot nicer also. It will be exciting when we actually get to bring him home to his new room. We went to see a movie today and take some "duplicate" stuff back to Target. Now I have her slaving away in the kitchen so I can have some fabulous left overs for the next few days :)

Well that's my 30 week update. Maybe I'll have a new picture of Julian to post after my high risk appointment on Tuesday.

- LC

Thursday, October 2, 2008

stumps? / kankels? you pick

28 Weeks 4 days

and these are my 28 week feet.... and this is after wearing my most comfortable flip flops for the afternoon. :) WHY WHY!!!!