Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sounds like a fun summer for me....

Well the verdict is... Surgery.
They say 3rd time's the charm so this is it for sure. This is nothing like my other surgeries though. Before I had arthoscopy where they put two littlw holes in my knee and went in with little tools and scraped and took out little chipped pieces. MRI showed neither of the surgeries helped much because bone is rubbing bone which has caused a cyst to develop.. so yadda yadda yadda... there is a much more complex surgery for this knee of mine... it will involve a lateral release, medial plitation, tibial osteotomy, and a tru-fit application. If you understood any of that, you know more than me. All i know is they tighten some tendone, loosen another to reposition the knee cap and then they BREAK my tibial bone to repositon it and put screws and then put fake cartlidge somewhere and i guess that's about it.. All of this translates to me as PAIN and 2 months of NOTHING for me (6 months to a year for full recovery). THANKFULLY I was blessed with the most wonderful mother on the planet and she is going to come live with us to take care of me and Julian. Surgery is planned for June 18th. Things to do before surgery:
1. turn living room into 1/2 bedroom for me
2. deep clean my house
3. get flower beds looking nice
4. get life organized
all while speding every second outside playing with Julian and taking him everywhere I am not going to be able to take him this summer.

I am scared of the surgery and not being able to do anything with Julian but I am looking forward to a more healthy future for me and my family. I know it's in God's hands and I wouldn't want it to be anywhere else :)

Well there's the knee update.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Julian, Oh Julian!!


Chaos is now 4 months and 38 pounds. He's a big guy. Very cute but definitely living up to his name.
So blood test revealed Julian has an allergy to milk, cheese, and egg whites. Boy we have had a great time lately trying to figure out anything this baby will eat. First of all he was already a very picky eater and now adding this to the mix, cut out a lot of the foods he actually would eat. Needless to say, we are still learning and reading every label in the store. Hopefully we will get an appointment with a nutritionist at Texas Children's soon. We just want to make sure we are doing everything possible for him to get all the nutrients and all that he needs.

Here is a video of our little guy. While picking up poop, I discoverd he obviously learned how to climb up the slide and go down alone. So I saw him and I rushed over because it is obviously not the safest thing for a 16 month old to be doing alone. So I would help (spot) him and then let him slide down by himself. Keep in mind he did this very successfully three times before I went to get my camera to record him. Well I hope everyone doesn't think I am the worst mother ever after watching this but also keep in mind that he was and is JUST FINE!!