Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well we are getting ready for the big rodeo here in Houston. It's crazy when you grow up around it and it's just weird how big of a deal it is when "rodeo time" comes around here. So teaching these kids all the ranch and cowboy words is pretty funny. All the kids made one of these cowboys or girls. Of course Melissa and I had to join in the fun. I'm pretty sure I KNOW who the cutest cowboy is :) I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!
In other news: Gradma is on her way. She should be here soon. yay!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

pics 2months, 2wks, 2days


he was trying his best to hit my camera

cute "little prince" outfit our neighbor bought for him. he is tooo cute in it. i was dying laughing.
i couldn't breathe my flu germs on my baby

chillin with dad when he got home from work

grandma is gonna kill me for putting this one on here but i love this pic and i think everyone understands we might not all look our best when we first wake up in the morning.

i think odis discovered why he was fussy

Friday, February 20, 2009

Christmas in February!!

Thanks to my friend Pari, Julian had a huge day today. She gave him a TON of wonderful things -- he loves his new swing
-- she gave us a TON of new clothes -- soooo cute

I know I know - me being loud is big news!! :) haha I CANT help it! I get it honest. Believe it or not I'm not AS loud as my dad or some of that side of the family. I hate it and I wish I wasn't so loud but thankfullyI have found a few wonderful people that have been able to accept/put up with (no matter how embarassing at times) the high volume and love me anyways. I really pray that Julian doesn't get that from me. No matter how embarassing for me or how much I hate it, I do not think it has anything to do with my "professionalism." It is something I need to "work on." hahaha. All I can do is laugh. When someone said those words to me I just grinned and wanted to laugh. In my head, this is what was being said, " OH REALLY!! ME?? LOUD?? THAT'S NEW! I'VE NEVER HEARD THAT BEFORE! AND I'LL "WORK ON IT". HAHA DON'T YOU THINK IF IT WERE SOMETHING THAT COULD BE "WORKED ON" AND FIXED THAT I WOULD HAVE DONE THAT WHEN I WAS IN KINDERGARTEN INSTEAD OF WAITING TILL I HAVE BEEN EMBARASSED MY WHOLE LIFE????"
Well I just wanted to vent a little and say thanks to all my peeps that accept and love me even though I'm a little louder than the average person. Ok enough about that!

Julian is still the best baby ever
We still LOVE Ms. Sylvia our babysitter
I still wish I was a stay-at-home mommy
Julian is discovering his hands and he likes them in his mouth
His hands still pop him in the face very often :)
His eyes are still bluish/grayish
He is laughing a lot in his sleep
He has dimples and we have no idea where they came from
Spring break is in 3 weeks and WE GET TO SEE GRANDMA!!!

ok bye, i'll post pics tomorrow (well soonish)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sick and Tired!!

well mainly just tired of being sick!!

Let me sum up the past 4 days of my life starting with

Saturday... woke up with what I thought was an allergy attack so I took a tylenol allergy and that was that. nose was still a little runny but no biggy. julian and I went out and got his pictures taken came home all was well. what i thought were "bad allergies" started acting up again that night and so i took another tylenol and called it a night. I felt a little extra cold when i was going to bed bt didn't think much of it.

Sunday... woke up to feed julian in the middle of the night.. chills... head ache... achey all over... went back to sleep. woke up again and knew something was very very wrong and normally i would have just rode it out but since i have a 2 month old i was a little more concerned. i got my flu shot!!! so it couldn't be!! i was hoping for a sinus infection... NOPE.. the flu. so i got my meds, tried to lysol everything down in the house, and wore my mask so i wasn't breathing on my baby. I felt bad but i've had the flu worse so i wasn't that concerned and i knew that with one days rest i would be good to go

Monday... couldn't work but we still Julian to the babysitter so he wasn't around my germs and so i could get some rest. I was feeling fine. I got some good rest. Then jerry brought julian home and he was off to work. Things do not seem to go well for me when Jerry goes to work. all of a sudden the fever that had been gone all day was back. i was cold one min and burning up the next and my baby was mr. fussy. My ear started hurting but i thought i was just drainage. Well gradually i realized it was definitely more than drainage. I was in some pretty major pain by 7 or 8 when i laid Julian down. Jerry got off early and brought home some ear drops. by the time he got there the pain had mulitiplied. we tried all the remedies and by around 10 i couldn't stand it. by 11 i seriously thought i was dying....

Tuesday... jerry and julian took me the emergency room by 12. i'm not sure why they even call it and "emergency" room. i sat in the waiting room crying and shaking for an hour before they called me back to take my temp and blood pressure. then they gave me a motrin and sent me back to wait for another hour. why couldn't they have seen me shaking and crying when i was signing in and asked a couple questions and given me the motrin then?? WHO KNOWS!! 30 mins i was feeling a little relief from the motrin. finally saw the doc and just a bad ear infection. so anitbiotics and some pain meds and i'm done and home by 3:15ish. I went to sleep and Jerry fed Julian but he wouldn't go back to sleep so he finally came and got me at 4:30 to see if i could "work my magic." I was rocking him and all of a sudden the pain was back with a vengence.. next was a sizzling/bubbling feeling in my ear (painful) and then a shreiking sound and i thought it was going to explode and i almost had to scream but then there was a pop and a gush of warm air sound/feeling... then major drainage coming out of the ear. so i got my baby to sleep and went back to sleep myself. we took Julian to the babysitter around 8 and picked up yet another couple perscriptions. feeling so much better. ear just feels clogged up but not too painful as long as i stay on top of my pain meds. it was still popping and sizzling and draining a whole lot but even the pharmacist said that was a good sign. well jerry leaves for work and imagine that, things just go down the drain. nothing painful but the drainage turned to bloody drainage and so that got me a little concerned so i started trying to look it up on line and calling around asking some people what they thought. all said to call a doc. so i called and they said, come in immediately!! so my 3rd waiting room in 3 days. JOYFUL i tell ya! but and hour and 1/2 later.. ruptured ear drum. another diagnosis another perscription. so hopefully i'm on my way up now! if nothing else, I am definitely medicated :) I"m going to work tomorrow!! yay! So i better go to bed while my baby is sleeping away up there.

Thank the Lord for doctors, pharmacies, babysitters, loved ones, and friends.

Saturday, February 7, 2009



Friday, February 6, 2009

2 months

So Thursday our little man turned 2 months. He went in for his 2 month check up and his first set of shots.
His measurements:
95th percentile for his height at 24 3/4in
he weighed in at 13.25 (75th percentile)
and 95th percentile for his head
The nurses and doctor just continue to go on and on about how big he's going to be. All I know is that I am soooo blessed and God made him so perfect.
Other updates:
He has been smiling for a few weeks but starting to smile more now.
He talks to us now.
His eyes are still bluish/gray (gorgeous)
His hair seems to get more wavy every day.
He doesn't scream the whole time in his car seat anymore. (THANK the Lord!!)
He has started enjoying his bath a little more.
Oh, and his shots weren't nearly as bad as I thought they were going to be. I was so prepared to break down with him. She got all his little bandaids all ready and then I had his arms all held down. 1st shot... cried for about 3 seconds, then came shot number 2... a little more of a painful cry but stopped in about 3 seconds, then he was hit one more time... he let out a shreiking scream but as soon as i picked him up he dried it up.
We just adore our little guy!!