Monday, June 23, 2008

It's A Boy!! (we think)

I am 14 weeks today. I had my perinatologist apointment this morning and I'm leaving out of town today so I figured I better post an update before I leave to the land of no communication :). They grilled me about my diabetes and all my numbers and made me cry. All I can do is swear that I am doing my very best and everything I know to do to be as perfect as possible. He said the baby looked great. He spent a very very long time poking and pushing around with that ultrasound thing. I think he had to study the heart and brain and spinal cord a lot. The baby was definitely moving around a lot. When the doctor would shake and push by stomach hard the baby looked like it would punch back. Who knows what I was really seeing? But he said the baby looks great and he was 95% sure it was a boy. Most people don't find out the sex this early but this ultrasound was different than the regular ones I have had. It was much closer and a lot more clear. It's funny because most of (maybe all) of my friends have all said they think I am having a boy. I have never really felt one way or another. I did say the other day it was probably a boy because I had a whole list of girl names that I liked and didn't have any names on my boy list. He said we should be 100% sure by the next appointment in 4 weeks. So most of the appointment was spent watching the little one just kick around in there. Before I left I had to do some finger stick thing for some other test. But I guess that's about it. Thank you for your prayers. We have a long way to go but I believe that this baby and myself are definately in God's hands and I don't think we could be safer anywhere else.

I am off to Austin today to visit some friends and then home to Rotan and Knox City for a few days. I am really looking forward to spending time with my niece and nephew and of course I can't wait to see my Odis - since he went home with my mom a week ago. I just know he misses me horribly :). Then I'm going to spend the last part of my "vacation" in Cedar Hill visiting all my peeps. But most importantly :), I get to get my hair done while I'm in Cedar Hill. I definitely need it!! Then back to H town for more doctors appointments and house hunting.

Hope everyone's having a Happy Summer!

Monday, June 16, 2008

13 weeks

Well I thought after week 12 I was supposed to be all better!! BUT still hate food and everything that is involved in eating. I wish I would have felt this way before pregnancy and maybe I would be a little bit thinner :). So one good things is I haven't gained any weight yet. YAY! And don't worry I am definately eating. The sickness from hunger is way worse than the sickness after eating - I know it's pathetic. If I weren't diabetic, I think I would have this eathing thing down because I would be perfectly ok if I could just live on french fries, macaroni and cheese, noodles, spegetti, bread, rolls, biscuits, ramon noodles (CARBS!!! I LOVE CARBS!!) But being as that is a NO NO for diabetics, I am doing the best I can to limit those things and force down some veggies and meat (YUCK) along with it.

My mom was here for a week to help me pack up my apartment and help get all my stuff moved into storage. Which was a lot of fun to have someone to hang out with! She got home Sat night and then Sunday had a very very bad stomach sickness (which I swear is salmonella because she had a tiny bite of tomato). I must admist I am glad she wasn't here with that sickness because I am afraid I wouldn't have been a very good care taker. I couldn't have handled that at all with the sickness I already have. So I am still on a hunt for a house and for the summer I am a bit of a gypsy. I have a couple trips planned to go see family and friends and then mostly back to H town for all the doctor's appointments.

Endocronologist (diabetic doc) Friday 6/20.
Perinatologist (high risk ob) Monday 6/23.
OB Wednesday 7/2
I'll keep you posted.

Say a prayer! :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

first blog

(this is the 11 weeks sonogram pic.. it was moving around and kicking like crazy.. so weird to see that)
HI. So this is my first time to write a blog. I think this will be a great way to keep my people updated without having to email and bug everyone and chance missing someone. So as most (hopefully all) of you know, I am pregnant. Surprise! I found out about 6 weeks ago and as of today I think I am 11 weeks and something. So from the day I had this little surprise, I have pretty much been shocked, terrified, crazy, amazed, worried, and every other emotion that you could think of. I am getting past all those crazy emotions and moving towards the happy and excited stage finally -- not that I don't still have my moments. Well I am blessed for sure and I know that God definitely has a plan for us and this little baby. He or she is due on December 22, 2008. My poor baby has to have a Christmas birthday. But one good things is that this little one gets to share a big bday celebration with Jesus and I think that's pretty devine :) ha! So I have pretty much been sick, and tired for the past 6 weeks. I will say I am lucky that I have not been puking my guts up like some women have to go through but I have definitely had the nausea 24/7. Well now it's getting better and it's only bad when I am hungry, when I eat, or after I eat. So other than those times :)... I'm cool. ha! I'm going to go ahead and claim that starting week 12 I will not be sick anymore. amen! So I have had 5 doctors appointmens so far between the OB and the Endocronologist (diabetes doc) and soon to be added into the mix will be the Perinatal (high risk doc). This is a high risk pregnancy because of my Type 1 diabetes. I see that doc this month and I think I will find out more. There are a lot of complications that can occur when a person is pregnant and does not have perfect blood sugars. And being as I definitely was unaware that I could be pregnant, for about 4 1/2 weeks, I didn't have my sugars in check like they were supposed to be. I do think it is a blessing that I found out so early and the doctor agrees that it was a great thing that I found out so early. I would love for anyone to pray just that everything is normal and healthy and that I have the strength and wisdom to handle everything that being diabetic and pregnant entails. I am only trying to think positive, pray, and look forward (not back) to a healthy beautiful baby. Well there ya go! That is my update for now.

OH and I just found out last week that I got a job at an early childood center teaching Headstart Pre K. I am sooooooo excited about it!! yay!