Friday, June 6, 2008

first blog

(this is the 11 weeks sonogram pic.. it was moving around and kicking like crazy.. so weird to see that)
HI. So this is my first time to write a blog. I think this will be a great way to keep my people updated without having to email and bug everyone and chance missing someone. So as most (hopefully all) of you know, I am pregnant. Surprise! I found out about 6 weeks ago and as of today I think I am 11 weeks and something. So from the day I had this little surprise, I have pretty much been shocked, terrified, crazy, amazed, worried, and every other emotion that you could think of. I am getting past all those crazy emotions and moving towards the happy and excited stage finally -- not that I don't still have my moments. Well I am blessed for sure and I know that God definitely has a plan for us and this little baby. He or she is due on December 22, 2008. My poor baby has to have a Christmas birthday. But one good things is that this little one gets to share a big bday celebration with Jesus and I think that's pretty devine :) ha! So I have pretty much been sick, and tired for the past 6 weeks. I will say I am lucky that I have not been puking my guts up like some women have to go through but I have definitely had the nausea 24/7. Well now it's getting better and it's only bad when I am hungry, when I eat, or after I eat. So other than those times :)... I'm cool. ha! I'm going to go ahead and claim that starting week 12 I will not be sick anymore. amen! So I have had 5 doctors appointmens so far between the OB and the Endocronologist (diabetes doc) and soon to be added into the mix will be the Perinatal (high risk doc). This is a high risk pregnancy because of my Type 1 diabetes. I see that doc this month and I think I will find out more. There are a lot of complications that can occur when a person is pregnant and does not have perfect blood sugars. And being as I definitely was unaware that I could be pregnant, for about 4 1/2 weeks, I didn't have my sugars in check like they were supposed to be. I do think it is a blessing that I found out so early and the doctor agrees that it was a great thing that I found out so early. I would love for anyone to pray just that everything is normal and healthy and that I have the strength and wisdom to handle everything that being diabetic and pregnant entails. I am only trying to think positive, pray, and look forward (not back) to a healthy beautiful baby. Well there ya go! That is my update for now.

OH and I just found out last week that I got a job at an early childood center teaching Headstart Pre K. I am sooooooo excited about it!! yay!


miles3_17 said...

I am SOOO excited that you have a blog, I'm addicted to reading people's, so don't worry, I'll let you know when you need to update.
I am also VERY excited about baby Carver!!! I can't wait to go along the journey with you, as I have been, and think back about mine. It's an experience you can't even put into words to new mommies until they've experience it. People would tell me over and over how great and how extatic and amazing and how wonderful the entire process is and how much love you have for your own child....but you really cant understand until you've gone through the ENTIRE thing.
So congrats again and you know I'm here for you all the way. Love you tons!!

sowlee said...

finally. a blog.

Craig and Jill said...

Lovin' that you're going through this journey right along with me!!! Love you sister!!! It's the coolest thing knowing that God actually trusts US enough to 'assist' in this miracle of life!

ginaB said...

Lacy i am so happy for you and really admire you constant optimisim on life! this little baby is so lucky to have such an admirable mommy!!

love ya,