Monday, June 16, 2008

13 weeks

Well I thought after week 12 I was supposed to be all better!! BUT still hate food and everything that is involved in eating. I wish I would have felt this way before pregnancy and maybe I would be a little bit thinner :). So one good things is I haven't gained any weight yet. YAY! And don't worry I am definately eating. The sickness from hunger is way worse than the sickness after eating - I know it's pathetic. If I weren't diabetic, I think I would have this eathing thing down because I would be perfectly ok if I could just live on french fries, macaroni and cheese, noodles, spegetti, bread, rolls, biscuits, ramon noodles (CARBS!!! I LOVE CARBS!!) But being as that is a NO NO for diabetics, I am doing the best I can to limit those things and force down some veggies and meat (YUCK) along with it.

My mom was here for a week to help me pack up my apartment and help get all my stuff moved into storage. Which was a lot of fun to have someone to hang out with! She got home Sat night and then Sunday had a very very bad stomach sickness (which I swear is salmonella because she had a tiny bite of tomato). I must admist I am glad she wasn't here with that sickness because I am afraid I wouldn't have been a very good care taker. I couldn't have handled that at all with the sickness I already have. So I am still on a hunt for a house and for the summer I am a bit of a gypsy. I have a couple trips planned to go see family and friends and then mostly back to H town for all the doctor's appointments.

Endocronologist (diabetic doc) Friday 6/20.
Perinatologist (high risk ob) Monday 6/23.
OB Wednesday 7/2
I'll keep you posted.

Say a prayer! :)


miles3_17 said...

Well glad you got everything moved. Sorry I havent emailed/talked to you lately, BUSY time in our lives, but it looks like there is a light coming real soon. Good luck with the house hunt and I'll talk to you really soon. Wanna come up for the 4th of July lake trip?! Thought I'd ask!

stapes said...

Hi Lacy! I found your blog on Kelly's! Congrats about your pregnancy... and I LOVE my perinatologist!!! Being "high risk" has its perks... more sonograms = more peace of mind for you (for me it allows me to be prepared). Watching you like crazy is a good thing. :)