Monday, June 28, 2010

Jabber Jabber Jabber

Went to my check up today with the doc and everything is looking great. It was my first day out of the house and I must say it felt fabulous! I am supposed to go back in 4 weeks and I will most likely start physical therapy after that. So for the next 4 weeks basically I can do what I can do and can't what I can't. So whatever I can do with my brace and my cruches, i'm good to go. we'll see. My little man has been great duing this whole thing. My MOM is HEAVEN SENT!! Julian and Grandma are a little attached right now. which is a little difficult for me over here helpless. But I am so glad they are getting to love on each other so much. Since we came back from TN, Julian has become a little Jabber mouth. Literally he never stops talking. He jabbers jabbers and ends his "sentence" with a word like "ball, dada, juice, cup, etc..."

Here is a video clip of out little Jabber mouth. He is very annimated in his stories that he tells. This particular story that he was telling my mom this day must be a never ending story because he is still telling it to us yesterday and today. I'm sure it's "to be continued" till tomorrow also.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Post Surgery

I am officially on day 4 of my recovery. The doctor who did my surgery seems very up on his game. He is the team phisian for the Rockets. I was very confident in his ability. Being knocked out is the weirdest feeling. Knowing there was 3 hours of your life that you have NO clue what happened. The original play was to do a Lateral Release (basically just reposition the knee cap), Tibial Osteotomy (break the to of my shin bone and repositon it using screws and stuff), Medial Plication (i really don't know what that part was) and a Trufit Application which was place fake cartlidge the be placed where i have none and a cyst has been formed. Evidentally when he got inside thre he wasn't aware of the ammount of harm that had been done to the back of my knee cap so he had to add anothe procedure to the mix called a Microfracture (which from what i understand is when they drill little wholes into the back of your knee cap to break it in several places which will start the natural healing process.!!

All that to say, Thanks for all your prayers! I am alive and God is good!

Watching Julian run my mom and Jerry ragged, is a struggle for me. It's had to sit here so helpless. But I am blessed with a wonderful mom and an amazing man to take great care Julian and I.

Friday, June 11, 2010

18 months

Julian was 18 months last week. He is doing great. He had his 18 month well check appointment on Tuesday and he is doing great. He has gained a couple pounds which is something I was concerned with being as his diet is very very limited. After he as diagnosed with all his food allergy stuff I was supposed to be contacted by Texas Childrens to get an appointment with a nutritionist to help with his diet. I called a million times just to be told I can't call, they have to contact me. They never did. When I was at his pediatrician, I told her and she got the nurses on it right away and before I left the office, I had an appointment set up for July. I'm not sure what all I can even get him to try but it will be nice to hear what he should be having and new ideas to try.

Julian truly is the funnest little guy to hang out with. He is talking more and more and we can understand more and more every day.
He loves Barney! I have never been a fan of that purple dinosaur thing but he was introduced to it at Ms. Sylvia's house and if you ever see him sing wheels on the bus doing all the motions, or "I love you, you love me," and watch him hug and kiss you and then when the show is over he gives you the remote and ask for "Ben" :) You cant resist but let him watch it because he's too cute. :)
He loves the water. I've taken him to the fountains in the Woodlands and taken him swimming a few times and he loves it. He likes to blow bubbles in the water.. STEP ONE! He will kick and paddle when you're holding him. STEP TWO!
He doesn't know how to walk any more... He only runs. It's the cutest little run you will ever see.
I am so glad to be out of school!! I love my summers. This summer will be interesting and a little painful I'm afraid but my mom will be here to help with me and Julian so I am looking forward to that. Since I only had 2 weeks of summer being able to walk, I've been trying to make the most out of it. Today I think we will go to the park, swim, and play in the sprinkler.
Jerry left last night to drive to OK City for a wedding he is in.. Julian and I will fly out in the morning to Tenn. Jerry will be driving there after the wedding and meeting us there for his Mom's graduation on Sunday. I'm afaid Jerry will be very very sleep deprived.
Wish us luck. Our last flight experience a couple months ago didn't go so great.
Here a couple pics we had taken a couple weeks ago.

Say a prayer! Safe travels, and successful knee surgery next Friday!! Thank you Jesus, AMEN!