Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Post Surgery

I am officially on day 4 of my recovery. The doctor who did my surgery seems very up on his game. He is the team phisian for the Rockets. I was very confident in his ability. Being knocked out is the weirdest feeling. Knowing there was 3 hours of your life that you have NO clue what happened. The original play was to do a Lateral Release (basically just reposition the knee cap), Tibial Osteotomy (break the to of my shin bone and repositon it using screws and stuff), Medial Plication (i really don't know what that part was) and a Trufit Application which was place fake cartlidge the be placed where i have none and a cyst has been formed. Evidentally when he got inside thre he wasn't aware of the ammount of harm that had been done to the back of my knee cap so he had to add anothe procedure to the mix called a Microfracture (which from what i understand is when they drill little wholes into the back of your knee cap to break it in several places which will start the natural healing process.!!

All that to say, Thanks for all your prayers! I am alive and God is good!

Watching Julian run my mom and Jerry ragged, is a struggle for me. It's had to sit here so helpless. But I am blessed with a wonderful mom and an amazing man to take great care Julian and I.

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