Sunday, November 28, 2010

God is so cool!

This Thanksgiving God answered a big prayer!  Jerry got to hang out with his oldest son and Julian got to meet his big brother, Jerrious.  I have talked about Jerrious with Julian and shown him pictures since Julian was born.  So it was super cute when Julian repeated his name and it sounded a lot more like "juice" than Jerrious but it's so cute the way Julian says his name.  Jerrious was 11 when I first met Jerry and it has never been a question how much Jerry adores that child.  Circumstances were not like Jerry would have wanted at all but when Jerry even mentions his name you can see how proud he is to be his father.  So this has been a huge prayer of mine for 5 years now.  I always prayed that Jerrious was healthy, safe, happy and successful and that God would give him an open heart so someday he can reconnect and get to know and love this great man that I get to everyday.  Jerry has seen Jerrious a few time for a very short time in the past 5 years but a few weeks ago God really began answering prayers when Jerry received a call from Jerrious' dad.  Since then Jerry and Jerrious have been texting and talking and Jerrious wanted to come meet his other side of the family.  Jerrious came over Thanksgiving night with his mom and his dad.  It was super emotional for me.. I just kept saying to myself  "thank you Jesus!"   I definitely played it cool because how dorky would it have looked if I would have come out crying.  LOL. I could tell Jerry was so excited for the opportunity to hang out with him obviously.  The next day we even got to go over to their house and visit for a couple of hours.  The verse I quoted on the title of my blog, "God can do anything, far more than you could ever ask or imagine."  It is so true.  I mean my prayer has been that they could just get back in contact and communicate. But not only did that happen a few weeks ago but God made it possible for Jerry to get to spend several hours with Jerrious.  Julian and I even got to meet him.  So I would say that is far more than I asked for or even imagined.  I am so thankful we got to see that Jerrious is happy, safe, successful and all of the things we pray for daily.  I pray the same prayer still.  I pray God  continues to give Jerrious and his family a open heart and open mind and that Jerry and Jerrious can build a relationship.  I pray that Jerrious is happy, healthy, safe and super successful in everything he does.  Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to begin getting to know this wonderful 15 year old.   We are already looking forward to the next time.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trip to Mandy's (a little late)

We had a great trip to Mandy's in October.  We went last October also so maybe we can make it an annual thing.  Julian did great on the trip. It was my first time meeting Miss Whitley and she's as precious as I imagined from pictures.  So cute!  Brett is such a big boy.  He definitely was Julian's boss for the weekend.  Mandy wasn't a fan, but I enjoyed the help. :) haha  I'm glad we got to enjoy some time with the Shows!! 

 matching PJ's  --  they can kill us when they get older :) 

 two little monkeys jumping on the bed
 with Mandy's mom (Nelda)
 Ready for the zoo!!
 Two little monkeys swinging from a rope

 I don't think Julian saw an animal while we were there..  He only saw the WATER!!!

Tired little boy

At the Pumpkin Patch in China Spring. 

Happy Halloween!

Julian and I had a great Halloween together. I have all these fun "family tradition" plans in my head which Union Pacific Railroad seems to try its best to destroy.  I will not let them beat me!!!  :)  So our jack-o-lantern was carved by me myself and I while Julian was sleeping and Jerry left for work. It worked out fine and I just pray better for better luck next year.  Julian was supposed to be Pablo from Backyardigans but he wouldn't keep his "head" on so he just looked pretty silly but still the cutest thing ever.  We were the first trick-or-treaters out so we just made the loop around the neighborhood and stoped at 4 or 5 houses that were pretty festive.  Julian is so painfully shy.  He doesn't do great being friendly "if you will."  :)  We had fun and got home in time to light our Jack-o-lantern, turn on the "spooky" espisode of backyardigans, and pass out candy.  Happy Halloween 2010.