Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trip to Mandy's (a little late)

We had a great trip to Mandy's in October.  We went last October also so maybe we can make it an annual thing.  Julian did great on the trip. It was my first time meeting Miss Whitley and she's as precious as I imagined from pictures.  So cute!  Brett is such a big boy.  He definitely was Julian's boss for the weekend.  Mandy wasn't a fan, but I enjoyed the help. :) haha  I'm glad we got to enjoy some time with the Shows!! 

 matching PJ's  --  they can kill us when they get older :) 

 two little monkeys jumping on the bed
 with Mandy's mom (Nelda)
 Ready for the zoo!!
 Two little monkeys swinging from a rope

 I don't think Julian saw an animal while we were there..  He only saw the WATER!!!

Tired little boy

At the Pumpkin Patch in China Spring. 

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Nsmith said...

Love the PJ's! Hate the fat lady holding Julian's hand in the yard.hahaha Good visit!