Sunday, February 13, 2011

Real or Counterfeit??

One of the pastors used an awesome analogy at church this morning.  The way they train bank tellers to identify counterfeit money is by never ever showing them any money that isn't real.  So when/if the time comes and they are counting money they will be able to recognize the fake.  He used this analogy to say how we should teach our children how to identify love that isn't real.. by showing them the real love of Jesus.

So this is my prayer for Julian.  I pray that God's love reflects through me and others in his life and he only knows the real unconditional love of Jesus.  So one day when something fake comes in front of him, he will automatically reconize it as counterfeit.  I pray he only knows God's Love!! 

Thank You God for loving me as I am!  Thank you even more for loving me toooo much to leave me this way!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

the WINTER BLAST of 2011 :)

We had an awesome NO SNOW snow day!!  The whole city of Houston was practically shut down and I liked it. I know people from places that actually get real cold weather think we are crazy but no one down here knows how to drive in anything slick (rain included).  So yes I am happy we had a snow day and I am happy I did not have to drive on the "ice."  I am not claiming to be one of the ones who know how to drive on snow or ice..  I don't!!  Our friends, the Richard's, were staying a couple nights for Rachel's dental confrence.  We had a great day off hanging out watching movies and playing ping pong.  Fun times.  I wanted sooo  bad to wake up to at least a couple inches of snow like we were told because I was definitely going to slide down the hill in front of my house.  But NOPE, not this year.

Potty Training Update:  Julian is a rock star!!  He has had some "adjustments" pooping on the potty.  He hasn't had any accidents but he would just hold it and not go.  He has had to have several ennemas but we have now officially asked and gone potty 3 days in a now.  He even asked to go at Wal Mart (no where close to the restroom) and we made it there and successfully walked out of the store dry and wearing the same clothes we walked in with.  Even though after stepping foot in that disgusting restroom i almost would have rather him have to go out to the car and get changed. :)  maybe not.  Anyways, he is doing awesome.   We are going on one month now in big boy underwear and he is doing EXCEPTIONAL!!

I would love to update more but because my lap top has no battery and the plug in has to be in a certain postion and can not be moved a milimeter or it will turn off I have to be in a very awkward and uncomfortable postion and every second I am typing the more pain I am in.  so bye