Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All about Emmitt (for Sal)

a Cock-a-Mo
Emmitt's dad:  black cocker spaniel
Emmitt's mom:  white miniture american eskimo
both parents 20-25lbs full grown so he should be somewhere around there
at first vet appointment we was 9 lbs
he eats puppy chow
his birthday is July 4th 2010 which makes him almost 4 months
he is NOT potty trained as of today..  we have had minimul accidents but enough not to trust him
poor guy is about 90lbs smaller than our other baby, Chaos
Chaos thinks he has a best friend to play with but Emmitt isn't that sure yet
actually not sure if Chaos thinks he's a new best friend or a new chew toy
when we let them out together, Emmitt just rolls over and plays dead and gets very very slobbery
one day he was scared of the stairs and the next day he was running up and down them
Emmitt and Julian are hillarious together
Julian doesn't want Emmitt taking his toys but Emmitt can't resist
Julian likes to be in Emmitt's kennell way more than Emmitt does

Well that's all I can think to share about Emmitt. :)

We LOVE Emmitt

Monday, October 11, 2010


 New House

 Our newest addition:  Emmitt.  He is a "Cock-a-Mo"  (cocker spanier/ miniture american eskimo) 


 My little Handsome!!
 At the park 10.10.10

 lol!!  Great picture

 Julian and I out with the Richard's at Texas Roadhouse... YUM

 so GQ!! 

Chaos:  getting bigger and bigger everyday!!