Monday, January 17, 2011

Mission: 3 day potty training!!

So I took off work on Friday so I could have 4 days with my big potty training boy.  The book that we read was called 3day potty training by laura jensen and I have friends who have done it and been very successful.  So we started Friday morning and we have been in big boy undies ever since!!  Basically the 3 day plan is to devote 3 whole days to stalking your child and reminding them every 5 seconds to tell you if they need to go potty and if you catch them in the act you rush them to the potty and remind them to keep their underwear dry.  Lots of positive reinforcement for going in the potty.  I didn't know exactly what to expect but and I had my moments of frusration and boredom stuck in the house following julian's every move for 3 whole days but I think it was a huge success.  He has been in big boy underwear for 4 whole days now and he has only had one nap where he wet the bed.  Julian is a rock star what can I say.  My friend Jen who just went through it a couple of weeks ago with her son, Cameron, was a lot of help and support.  Today we even went to mall for a couple of hours to play and eat lunch with Carol Dockery and her boys and Julian did awesome.  Home to a dry nap and then a little trip to Petsmart and all that and we are still in the same clothes we put on in the morning!  I am so proud and excited.  I am praying Julian and I continue to have a lot of support through this.  I am praying Julian does well for the babysitter and she is able to help in the process too.  I am praying he and I continue to get more confidnence and figure out how this all works. CAN YOU BELIEVE MY LITTLE GUY IS POTTY TRAINED!!?  It really feels like this time I have with my precious little boy is going by too quickly. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas 2010

I am ashamed I have as few pictures as I do for Julian's 2nd Christmas.  We had a blessed Christmas even though Julian spent most of the time sick.  My mom came to Houston on the Friday school let out so she could spend the weekend with Julian while Jerry and I finished up the last minute shopping. We had a great weekend and were packed up and ready to drive home to Knox City on Monday morning.  We had a great trip minus the part where Julian only took a 15 minute nap and the part where I got pulled over for a speeding ticket :( But we made it and we had a great week with Grandma, Mamar, Riley, Stephanie and my beautiful niece and nephew.  Julian loves to be out at Uncle Riley and Aunt Stephanie's house with all the room to run and play and all the animals.  Emmitt made the trip with us and he was a trooper.  He suprised me at how well he was potty trained and how great of a traveler he was.  Too bad he sheds so much but we love him regaurdless.  We always have our big Adams Family Christmas on Christmas Eve so we usually do our immediate Carver Family Christmas the night before.  Of course that day Riley Paige and Julian both had trips to see Dr. Duke.  Julian started getting really goopy eyes and runny nose.  His eyes never got pink so we assumed it was just a cold settling in his eye.  We got a perscription for antibiotic eye drops and went forward wtih children's motrin and the drops.  Both of which he HATED!!  Jerry got to KC that evening and we had a great time with the fam that night.  Julian had a great time opening his presents and having fun with his cousins and Buzz and Woody of course.  He is obsessed with buzz and woody I tell ya!  The next morning Julian had goopy eyes again but we made it to Rotan for Christmas Eve.  By this time eye number 1 was better and eye number 2 had gooped over but everyone still confident that it was just a cold in his eyes.  We still managed to have a great time visiting with all the family.  We were packed up and headed back to Houston about 5.  We had a great trip back home.  Emmitt was a great traveler.  Julian did great as well.  He went to sleep about 7 soemthing and was out until we got home around midnight.  At this point we were continuing to give him Motrin but he continued with the runny nose and goopy eyes and a little fever.  Christmas morning was such a memory I will never forget and I wish I had it on video.  I brought Julian downstairs and all he said when he saw what Santa had left him was NO NO NO NO NO and just cried and wanted to lay his head down.  After the next dose of Motrin set in he ventured out a little to see all his toys santa had left but he never got too excited.  We had a great day just watching basketball and having out.  The next night Julian's temp was extremely high.  One time we woke up it was 104 but we had fallen asleep through a dose of motrin so we gave him some and waited.  It had gone down after an our to 99 something and so we thought we were ok but then a couple hours later it had spiked again.  We were immediately on the road to the ER.  When were arrived the first few temps they took were 106.4!!!!  YIKES!!  Needless to say we did not have to wait and we went staight back to get a rectal temp taken.  It was 104 so the doctors weren't as freaked out but still very concerned.  After a couple hours of some test for strep and a couple doses of motrin and tylenol and a perscription from the doctor, we were on our way home to rest. After we rested and kept him drugged for a couple days :) we were back to normal.  We had a great rest of the break.  I had been planning to do the potty training that week but since the side effects of the antibiotic are not that pleasant I decided to wait on that. We had a great week just hanging out together. Sunday morning, the day before I am supposed to go back to work, I wake up and my eye is caked over!!  I immediately started to drops and never had too many of the symptoms but it did hit both eyes and it was pretty yucky.  I think our house is back to being in good health now.  We are starting our year off healthier and ready to see all the great things God has planned for us in 2011. 
Happy New Year Everyone!