Thursday, July 29, 2010

Knee Recovery

It has been 41 days since surgery.  Thas is 6 weeks today I guess.  I had my first post surgery appointment 10 days after surgery and since then, I have worried, worried, worried, waited, wodered, etc...  I needed an apointment every week I think just for some confirmation that everything was on schedule and everything was ok.  It hasn't been the funnest summer for me or for my son or Jerry or my mom.  They have all given their whole lives pretty much to help me and to take care of me.  And for that I have no idea how to thank them for that gift.  They are the only reason I am not depressed and crying everyday.  (even though i do have my days)  It's a horrible feeling being so helpless.  This summer has definitely given me a different perpspective on thing.  Being so active, it is very difficult sitting back and letting others do everything for you.  So I finally had another doctors appointment Tuesday 7/27 and I was reassured that everything is normal and i'm not going to just have a stump leg for the rest of my life.  He is confident that with a lot of hard work, I should be back to normal.  I really just wanted to know that I would be able to drive in 2 weeks for our first day of school.  He couldn't guarantee that but I started PT yesterday the 28th and I understood quickly what he meant by HARD work.  At first my PT will be in the water and I guess I will work my way to land things like walking and the bike and things.  It's hard sitting there and watching the look on the PT's face when she sees my scar and sees how far i CAN'T bend my knee.  My doctors goal is for me to be able to bend my knee 90 degrees in 6 weeks.  Yesterday I could bend it 25 degrees with the PT pushing hard and me almost screaming.  So I have a lot of hard work for the next 6 weeks.  Prayers appreciated!!    "with God all things are possible"

Summer 2010 Trip to KC

We have had quite a summer!  One of the big things I considered before deciding on doing the surgery this summer was that "Julian is only 18 months"  he will enjoy doing more next summer.  Which I still believe to be true but also have a hard time with the fact that he has been stuck in the house with me and his grandma and daddy all summer.  They take him out as much as possible but the mosquitos here are NO joke.  There is no wind to blow them away or distract them.  They are miniture mosquitos that are on a mission for the blood of little innocent toddlers.  :(  As a result of my inablility to care for my child this summer,he has become incredibly attatched to his grandma.  It's going to be a sad day for the both of them when she has to return to her life and leave him in the care of his mommy and daddy.  This boy LOVES his grandma.  But really.. what's not to love.. She is a complete blessing for giving up her whole summer to care for him and I.  I knew she needed a break and needed to see her other amazing grandchildren so I sucked it up and decided to make the 7 hour trip home.  We had a great trip.  Maybe not the safest way of traveling because sitting in the very back has not seat belts and with the hard seat and NO shocks on my back tires my back and booty were about to die but we made it and had a great visit.  We stopped in Cedar Hill on the way there to visit with my Plummer Family and had a great time with friends.  Stayed with Deb for the night and then had brunch with the Henry's on Sunday morning before Tanya's baby shower.  Can't wait to see pictures of that sweet little girl.  And more importantly find out the name!!  While we were in Knox City, Julian got to spend a lot of time with his cousins, aunt, uncle and great grandma.  He immediately took to Riley Paige.  It took him a little longer with Carson but he finally opened up to him.  He went out to their house pretty much everyday and loved being outside playing the whole itme.  He loved the dogs but I think he loved the horses more.  He loved seeing the "Moooooooos" too.  Here are some pictures from our trip