Sunday, May 31, 2009

cute baby pics

just me being cuteready for church stylin in my new flip flops

mommy playing dress up and discovered my high waters
my first swim suit

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a big first

so today was julian's first time in a hi chair at a restraunt. it's funny because i would have never thought my baby was big enough for this. but he is sitting up now and pretty stable. it just never crossed my mind. HE'S MY BABY!! but here is my baby sittin up like a big boy. these two pics were taking with my phone. they aren't the best pics. the second is just a pic of me trying stuff on him in Old Navy. :) have a great week!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the difference a week makes

So on the 13th I posted a video of Julian showing off his walking skills. Here he is in the walker 1 week later on the 19th. The boy is a racer!! Just now he was in it and he seriously followed Odis into the kithen and made the little circle and he would have made it back into the living room with me but he got stuck trying to come through the door and then he flew past the door and couldn't back up. It was the funnies thing. It's not like it took him an hour either. The boy was Cruisin!! Then again I picked him up and he had pooped so maybe that was helping him along. :) So here is just a little short clip of his racin skills improving :) haha I love this kid!!

Oh and Julian finally rolled from his back to stomach twice. I haven't seen it but he did it for the babysitter twice yesterday.

So far Julian has had Squash (yum), peas (yuck), apples (yum), sweet potatoes (yum), pears (yum), peaches (yum), carrots (yuk), prunes (yum), and bananas (yum- but since we are working on being a little more "regular" they were cut out of the diet.

10 more days of work until I get to be home with my baby boy everyday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

pics this week with julian

"he get it from his momma!" He likes him some Sonic. (I just realized it looks even funnier with him holding a cup that says "happy hour")

look at me sitting up!!
(too bad i wasn't taking video because he fell over about 2 seconds later. ha)
Just hanging out in a basket of laundry right out of the dryer while I put his Johnny Jump.

Swinging in my "baby" swing out in the garage while watching daddy. He definitely has daddy's broad shoulders and chest)
I love prunes! and it's a good thing cuz I NEED them.
looks like he's punching something

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I finally joined

I am officially a member of Grace Church of Humble. I have been attending Grace since last Mother's Day pretty regularly (except for a few hard pregnancy weeks and a few hard newborn weeks) but everytime I've gone I have Loved it and felt like the word and worship were planned just for me. It is the most diverse church I have ever seen or heard of. There are 38 flags on the walls of the sactuary and I really wasn't sure what they represented until today. They represent all the nations that the members there have come from. They do not base it off of where your parents or grandparents were from. They base it on where YOU were born. That is pretty amazing to me. So I am excited I finally did it. They have a membership class you have to attend to find out more information like all the values of the church, meet all the pastors, and figure out where/when/how you can get connected. The class was today at 2:30. I was thinking it might be about 2 hours and that was a huge commitment for me because I HATE being away from my baby for a second and I am not all that fond of leaving him with people he doesn't know, even though I do not doubt they will do a great job taking care of him, I just do not like being away for a second because I work all week and feel like I miss so much. 14 DAYS till summer and I can be with him everyday all day. So anyways I am so glad that they did not tell me that the class would last until 6. I don't think I could have ever convinced myself to go BUT I went, I loved it, I got to check on Julian regularly and he was doing great and took a long nap so it worked out great. So Yay! That's all, the end. bye

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mom's day #2

Remembering my first mother's day last year. Life was definitely different. Life was so uncertain. Life was crazy. Last year on Mother's Day, I was still in shock a little bit. I had barely told my mom about my little miracle baby inside me. Even though I was only 7 weeks pregnant last year I was a Mother. He was a He. God already knew the plans he had for Julian, He new his name, he knew every hair on his head. I on the other hand DID NOT KNOW anything! I didn't know what in the world had happened to my life. I'm so glad I serve a faithful God. I was uncertain about living so far from my friends and family -- God found me a wonderful home which I love, He opened up a head start pre k job which i love as well and with the job came lots of new friends and a wonderul future in Houston. I was uncertain how I could afford a baby when i could barely survive myself -- God has made it work out well for us. I was uncertain about my diabetes and such a high risk pregnancy and how that would effect Julian's health -- God brought me my perfect little baby boy. I am sooooooo thankful!!

2009 was my second Mother's Day: I am blessed!! Woke up, Jerry cooked breakfast, we all went to church, (julian cried in the nursery for the first time which was sad), Jerry took us to Salt Grass for steaks after church, back home for a good nap with Julian, some golf on tv, calls from my 2 best friends, and an evening just hangin with my dudes. It was a great day just hanging out and being a mommy!!

oh and did i mention i have the most wonderful mother in the world? well i do! she gives me something to aspire to as a mom.

I posted a couple videos for the first time but bare with me because I am not a professional photographer. The first video is Julian showing his walking skills. The next one is Julian and I just laughing. It is hard to get him to laugh while holding him with one hand and the camera with the other, but you can get a little of his laughing.

I love being this little guys mommy!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

5 months tomorrow... CRAZY

Hi. Well nothing very new to post. I put a couple pics because... well... that's what I do. His latest very cool discovery were his toes. It was a couple weeks ago but here is a pic. Oh and his latest latest thing we discovered on Friday is when he is handed to someone unfamiliar, he pouts his little lip and makes the saddest face you have EVER seen and then he reaches for his mommy!! (oh and he reached for daddy too.) It was the best feeling. That unfamiliar face happened to be my mom sadly but it only took him about 10 seconds to warm up to her and then there was no more reaching for mommy. He loves his Grandma!! So our little dude is just wonderful and the happiest little guy. Except for when he gets a little impatient or too tired, because he will for SURE let you know!! He is sleeping great. Every once in a while he wakes up for a midnight snack but he's been sleeping like a champ.
Well Happy 5 months to my little man!!!