Sunday, May 17, 2009

I finally joined

I am officially a member of Grace Church of Humble. I have been attending Grace since last Mother's Day pretty regularly (except for a few hard pregnancy weeks and a few hard newborn weeks) but everytime I've gone I have Loved it and felt like the word and worship were planned just for me. It is the most diverse church I have ever seen or heard of. There are 38 flags on the walls of the sactuary and I really wasn't sure what they represented until today. They represent all the nations that the members there have come from. They do not base it off of where your parents or grandparents were from. They base it on where YOU were born. That is pretty amazing to me. So I am excited I finally did it. They have a membership class you have to attend to find out more information like all the values of the church, meet all the pastors, and figure out where/when/how you can get connected. The class was today at 2:30. I was thinking it might be about 2 hours and that was a huge commitment for me because I HATE being away from my baby for a second and I am not all that fond of leaving him with people he doesn't know, even though I do not doubt they will do a great job taking care of him, I just do not like being away for a second because I work all week and feel like I miss so much. 14 DAYS till summer and I can be with him everyday all day. So anyways I am so glad that they did not tell me that the class would last until 6. I don't think I could have ever convinced myself to go BUT I went, I loved it, I got to check on Julian regularly and he was doing great and took a long nap so it worked out great. So Yay! That's all, the end. bye


caroldock said...

super cool! (and I haven't taken dash to the nursery at church yet)

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