Thursday, May 21, 2009

the difference a week makes

So on the 13th I posted a video of Julian showing off his walking skills. Here he is in the walker 1 week later on the 19th. The boy is a racer!! Just now he was in it and he seriously followed Odis into the kithen and made the little circle and he would have made it back into the living room with me but he got stuck trying to come through the door and then he flew past the door and couldn't back up. It was the funnies thing. It's not like it took him an hour either. The boy was Cruisin!! Then again I picked him up and he had pooped so maybe that was helping him along. :) So here is just a little short clip of his racin skills improving :) haha I love this kid!!

Oh and Julian finally rolled from his back to stomach twice. I haven't seen it but he did it for the babysitter twice yesterday.

So far Julian has had Squash (yum), peas (yuck), apples (yum), sweet potatoes (yum), pears (yum), peaches (yum), carrots (yuk), prunes (yum), and bananas (yum- but since we are working on being a little more "regular" they were cut out of the diet.

10 more days of work until I get to be home with my baby boy everyday!

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