Monday, December 29, 2008

Home for Christmas

So we made the 7 hour trip home for Christmas. We left on the 23rd after Julian's 2 week appointment. He weighed in at 9lb 6oz. He's gained a pound already. The doctor says he looks great. He didn't much like getting his heel prick and mommy didn't like it either. Julian was a great little traveler. He slept. He did great all the way to Knox City to meet my grandmother. We stayed there for a while and then had to load back up for another hour drive to my mom's house in Rotan. That hour was a little miserable. Julian did NOT want to get back into the car seat. So we had a great Christmas eve with my mom's side of the family. Julian got to meet all of our cousins except one. Then we were headed back to Houston on Christmas morning. I think Julian had a great first Christmas. I know I have had a wonderful one. Jerry got me a GARAGE DOOR OPENER!! It is heavenly!! He also suprised me with an Ergo baby carrier that I really really wanted and Julian seems to love it. It puts him to sleep. My mom got me a recliner that she brought with her the day before Julian arrived. It is the most comfortable thing EVER and Julian really appreciates it too. I got a lot of other great things as well. BUT JULIAN IS BY FAR THE MOST WONDERFUL GIFT OF ALL!! Here are a few pics while we were home. I can't even believe that Julian will be a month old next monday. I just want time to stand still.

First time meeting his Greats!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Julian's First Carver Family Christmas

Look how sweet my baby is. He is a great hand holder :)

what a sweet cousin..

Mommy and Julian

"who needs santa when you have Grandma"

my basketball stocking..
Grandma and Julian Julian and Aunt Steph

J's first walk with Odis and his cousins. Don't mind the hair. It's Houston!!!

Carson and JT

Riley Paige is such a great baby sitter.

look at the cutest face ever!!

daddy's team!!

toooooo sweet!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

2 weeks 2 days

Just wanted to post a quick little update. Julian is doing great. He eats great, sleeps great, and just chills the other moments that he's not sleeping or eating. He rarely fusses. His fusses have a specific purpose and once his needs are met, he's good to go. He might have a small case of the "spoiled little boy." He likes to be held. He sleeps very very well in our arms and then it doesn't take him long to realize when he has been abandoned in a crib/bassenet. I know!! How sad that I would even consider laying him down :). We have had so many people around holding him (mostly Jerry and I) that it's pointless to try to train this little boy. Especially until Christmas is over and he doesn't have everyone holding him 24/7.
Well that's our little update. Wish me luck on becoming "Baby Wise." I'm going to do it!! I am I am!! Good luck to me!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

welcome back skinny feet

I HAVE BONES IN MY FEET!! hopefully this is the last picture ever of my feet. I have never seen my ankles so skinny in my life. just had to share because i'm so excited. i'm pretty sure i lost about 15 more pounds when all the swelling went down.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pics of Julian

sleeping with dad

sleeping with mom

in case you were wondering if the swelling has gone down at all..... NOPE! just gotten worse and its the whole leg now not just my feet. :)

he already knows sign language..

at our first doctor's appointment...

our first bath at home...

Grandma and Julian our first ride in dad's truck...

mom's doctor...

arriving at home...

Julian's visitors

Boston and Carol
Dorie and JulianMs. Caroline
Mrs. Shipley
Ms. Tanya Auntie Deb

Friday, December 12, 2008


Happy one week to my baby Julian!! I am truly blessed. My life has been changed forever and I'm loving it. I have not had a moment of free time since I got home from the hospital. I wish I could have brought a few of those nurses home with me to help out and answer all of my questions. So let me recap: Julian arrived on Friday. We were released from the hospital on Monday. We get home around 3 ish. My mom had my house all clean, the Christmas tree lit, and our favorite lunch all out and ready to eat. It was a very warm welcome. About an hour later Jerry had to go to work... and I start feeling a "little weird." Well about 10 mins later a "little weird" turned into "very very sick." It felt exactly like the flu but I was in denile because this could NOT be happening one hour after I got home. I had fever, chills, no appetite, nausea, and that is not even the worse part. soooooooooooooooo luckily it was only a "24 hr" bug and I am feeling so much better. My mom got it too and she's all well now also. Poor Jerry has had to work non stop and take care of us when he's home. But I think we are past all that and now on a good track. Enough of the depressing stuff. My baby has been a little trooper. He has had no clue that anything was wrong. He is a wonderful little baby. He rarely fusses unless he wants to tell you he's hungry, wet, or dirty.

Yesterday we had our first outing with our little man and it was very uneventful. Julian had his first pediatrician appointment. We really liked her a lot. J was the pefect patient. His mommy had a tougher time than him for sure moving around so much but I made it.

Ok well that's about all the free time I have for now. I have bottles to wash, things to sanatize, etc.. I'll post more later and hopefully get some more pictures on here.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

before and after

Friday, 12/5/08, 4:30 am
Saturday AM

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Julian Travis Curry
He made is arrival Friday, December 5th @ 8:58 AM by C Cection.
Julian's Stats:
8 lbs 6 1/2 ozs
21 1/2 inches

Looking at his momma...

Proud parents...

Jerry hasn't stopped smiling yet...

After his first bath in the nursery. They combed his hair nice and straight...

Our big boy getting dressed...


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


C Cection scheduled for Friday, December 5th @ 7:30 AM.
I'm very sad that it wont be on the 4th (my dad's bday)
I'm very sad I have to wait one more day to meet my baby
I was going to be induced ONLY IF I had anything going on "down there." BUT because I am only 37 weeks, they think it will be much safer for me and the baby if he just gets cut out. Because I am diabetic and with surgery you can't eat after midnight the night before, well I have to have the first appointment of the morning. Well some other PREGO had to take my spot :(. I still have a little hope I'm hanging onto. I'm hoping that my friend can work something out with the schedule and get me in on Thursday morning instead. We'll see. Either way by Friday, I should get to meet my baby :) yay!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thursday Thursday Thursday!!!

The Doctor says Julian is still a little chunky monkey.. He is ready to arrive anytime.
So Thursday is the day!
I'm so blessed not to have been put on bed rest with this swelling I have going on.. BUT part of me wishes to be ordered to rest for the next 3 days because getting ready and to work is one thing but actually getting my mind there is another. My mind is sooo not on teaching right now. I can't wait til Thursday.
Hopefully next time I post it will include pics of my baby boy.

Take care.