Wednesday, June 3, 2009

beach day!!

Today was Beach Day at my school and I have been promising that I would bring Julian up to school to meet my kids for 6 months now and well since school's over tomorrow, better late than never. Grandma is here babysitting this week so she brought Julian to join in the fun :). He was the cutest one there for sure.
since he didn't get to get too wet at beach day I took him swimming in his pool when we got home.

this is just a pic of my slam dunk baby. he is sooooooo almost fixing to figure out this crawling thing. it's so funny to watch him up on his hands and knees trying to figure it out.


caroldock said...

he's so big!! love it! now school's out -- we have GOT to come for a visit sometime! I will be working on tuesdays and thursdays so I'm free every other day, so let me know!

Jennifer-Colley said...

man everytime you post something you make me feel bad that Camren is not doing all those things (speed racer in the walker, and almost crawling) =) esp since he is 3 months older! Your baby is just way athletic I guess! Cam is trying to crawl but not quite there yet! Keep the milestones achievements coming!!!