Saturday, February 27, 2010

Welcome Baby Chaos!

As of Thursday, February 25th, we are officially the proud family of a 10 week old American Bulldog who is now named Chaos! The name definitely fits him. Jerry has been interested in this breed for a while and so we have both researched it and also have a friend who has one. They are huge!! Everyone I've ever spoken to who has had one, LOVES them and says they are the best pets; loyal, protective, brave, etc... We are very excited to have him. We lucked out because the lady selling them was actually keeping him because he was the "pick of the litter" and then later decided to sell him because she felt he was too active for her. He is actually pretty laid back so far but that could be the newness of everything. So he was one of the last three and we even got him for a lowered price because she's at the point that she's just ready to get rid of them. He comes from a really huge bloodline so he has the potential to be around 140 lbs. Julian loves having him around. Chaos likes that Julian is his size and wants to play a little too much sometimes and Julian is NOT havin that! But for the most part they have been great together. Here are a few pictures of our newest family member.

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sowlee said...

wow he's way cute. I had no idea they were that big.