Thursday, July 10, 2008

baby bump

Well this is me - 16 weeks 3 days. All is well! -- I just realized that my little Odis decided to be in the picture too. That's hillarious! I had no idea he was even around. And I also just realized that I hope NO ONE has a widescreen monitor when they are viewing this picture because I definitely just saw my blog on a widescreen monitor and I swear it doesn't look like that before I posted it. :) I know i have a baby bump but I am not THAT big.. yet.

House update: waiting on contract to be signed so I can move forward with everything. whew hew!!!

Take care - Bye


LaMarque & Reathanak said...

Hey Lacy,

Congrats on your pregnancy. You are so blessed. Boys are so much fun and cool. Please visit our blog too.


Ra Ward

Katie said...

Hi Lacy! Congratulations to you, too. I hope you have an "easy" pregnancy. (Is that possible??) Anyway, best of luck to you!!

LaMarque & Reathanak said...

Hey young lady I see my wife has already blessed the spot but you were my buddy first so I have to leave my own mark. Here is a big old GOD BLESS YOU from CINCINNATI OHIO!!!!!!!