Monday, July 14, 2008

a few updates

17 weeks. feeling great. still hungry. very hungry. all the time. heart burn sucks. i've been working out more. well riding the eliptical nearly everyday for 45 mins - 1 hour. not sure if that qualifies as a "work out" but it's more than i was doing when i was so sick. yay for me! starting to shop around for baby furniture which is fun. it would be more fun if it weren't so expensive.

new house inspections tomorrow. carpet people coming to get measurements so that they can be ready to lay that before I move in at the end of the month. so excited about getting in and getting settled.

next doctors appointments are as follows:
Diabetes - Monday 7/21
High risk OB - Tuesday 7/22
Regular OB - Wednesday 7/30

and I better get a picture to take home this time around! :)

God is Good...

All the Time!


Sugar Britches said...

put up pictures of the house when you get some!!! :) love ya girl- evan

miles3_17 said...

Good luck through the whole house-buying process and the move! Cant wait to see your touches to that house!

Jennifer-Colley said...

okay... you didnt know I was preggo! I didnt know you were preggo! Congrats! We will both have momma's boys! Please call me or email me soon so we can catch up! love ya