Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i like food again

I am back in H town now. I had a great time visiting friends and family on my little one week get-a-way. My niece and nephew seem like they grow a few years everytime I see them. I got to visity with my girls in Cedar Hill for a day which was delightful and Odis and I both got our hair cut and then we were back to Houston.

My last post was last Monday after my high risk OB appointment. At that point I was still very nauseous and sick. I hadn't gained any weight since this pregnancy began at that point either. On Tuesday morning I woke up and the thought of food sounded good -- I was very suprised! So pretty much Tuesday was the first day I snapped out of the sickness. It's funny because everyone says you'll start feeling better after the first trimester. It was actually one day after but I thought that was pretty good timing to start feeling better. At that point I was barely showing ..maybe had a little pooch but that's about it. Well Wednesday I woke up and all that changed. I swear over night I looked prego. Weird! But the good news is... I'm not sick!! I would say it's great because it will be easier to watch my diet and blood sugar now that I don't puke at the thought of eating most everything BUT I am definately thinking liking food does not make it much easier. Now I'm just more hungry and want to eat more so this diabetes is a never ending battle I tell ya.

So I had my regular OB appointment today and I had gained. I'll just leave it with "I GAINED." ha! As for the update, I guess all is well. I talked to the doc, asked my questions, they listened to the heart beat, took my blood pressure and I was out of there. That was my first appointment that I have not had an ultrasound. I wasn't expecting to have one this time, but I will say it was a let down not getting to see him in there moving around. So I was sent for more blood work and that's about it. I think I have a whole 2 weeks with no appointments. My next round of appointments start again on Monday, July 20th I think. I'm hoping these two free weeks will be a good house hunting time and I will have something very soon. Can't wait!

So last week, as I blogged, we found out that we were having a boy. It's seems even more crazy knowing that little slice of information. Of course everyone's been asking me the name. I'm sure I would tell his name if I knew it. My family really wanted to know. It was funny the names they called him all week. My niece and nephew had some great suggestions like Dinaco (from the movie Cars) and Rainbow (i guess from the sky :). I told them I would add them to the list to consider :) haha. It's fun actually going through and looking at names now. I can't wait to have his name. I guess we do still have plenty of time to make that decision.

If you read my blog, make sure you go check out two of the blogs I have linked to mine. "A little Slice of Heaven" is written by Taylor, my best friend's cousin. And "Pray for Trey and Tyler." They are two of my brother's good friends who were in a horrible accident over a month ago and they have a long road to recovery. Both blogs are families that could use a little "lifting up." I'm sure they would appreciate any extra prayers they could get :)


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miles3_17 said...

Sounds like your appt. went well. I hope you had a good 4th of July, even though it wasnt with us. We did have a blast though. Thanks so much for acknowledging and supporting my cousin, it is much needed, and I was wondering who that other blog was, but I am praying for them as well. Take care, love you tons and cant wait to see you someday!!