Friday, July 18, 2008

awake too early

I am: enjoying every minute of my summer vacation.. i love being a teacher
i dream: about my baby and what he's going to look like
i think: being pregnant is such a miracle and a gift from God
I know: my life will never be the same
i want: my pancreas to work so that i can eat any carbs i want without it affecting my blood sugar and i could take off my "beeper" :)
i have: so many people who love me
i wish: my bff and my friends and family all lived close to me (by the lake would be nice :)
i hate: when i hear that a baby or child or anyone has been abused.
i fear: the possible complications that could happen to my little boy because i'm diabetic
i feel: overwhelmed when i walk into babies r us
i hear: some people talking on "a baby story"
i smell: everything now that i'm pregnant... and most often it's NOT a good thing
i crave: CARBS!!!
i wonder: how big my belly is going to get
i regret: leaving my shoes at the park on my 3rd grade field trip
I ache: when i get too hungry :)
i love: my creator and ice cream :)
I care: about being the best mom for my baby
i always: look for a good deal on flights to kansas or lubbock.. i always talk myself out of spending the money
i am not: ok with people who look at the negative in everything
i believe: God's plan is better than mine
i cry: less than most girls.. but much more now that i'm pregnant
i don’t always: work out as hard or as long as i should
i fight: for my students and their best interest
i write: lists then most often i lose them or forget to look at them
i lose: my mind when i am tired and i can't sleep because of this dang restless leg syndrome
i never: dreamed this time last year that i would be 17 weeks pregnant right now
i listen: but i'm a carver, i can't hear if you mumble!!!
i can usually be found: hanging out at home or somewhere with my Odis
i need: a personal chef to help me with my diet
i am happy about: buying a new house
i desire: to have a healthy beautiful baby and family
i hope: i make my friends and family and strangers for that matter feel important and loved

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sowlee said...

You look great in the picture a few posts ago- I hope you keep putting those up as you progress. Have you considered "Matt" or "Doherty" as possible names? Just want to throw those out there. Hey! There's no bad ideas ina brainstorming session!