Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm In Love!!

We are 100% sure he is a HE!!! We do not have a name picked out yet but we are working hard to get it. I'm sooo ready to know his name and share it with everyone!!

I had my perinatologist appointment this morning. It went great. The doctor was very pleased with my sugar levels. He said the baby and me look great. I think every time I've had a sonogram, I've just been laying there praying/in shock. I have thought they were wonderful but still just laying there wide eyed with no emotion. This time was very differnt. As soon as the doctor put the gel on my belly and put that thing on there, the very first image was the most perfect little hand. I could see all 5 fingers and a little skinny arm and it looked like I could even see fingernails. It seriously was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Ha! I know that sounds funny but it's true. The rest of the scan went really well. We talked about all his organs and the doctor seemed to think everything looked normal and developing on schedule. Seeing his heart and the four chambers pumping was way cool. During this they were printing all these pictures off and the nurse was taping them all in my file. So I asked if I could have a picture to take home this time. They were very nice and wanted to get a good picture of him for me to take. He turned the machine on the 4d ultrasound thing to see his brain and face and stuff. Seeing his brain was amazing/creepy :). So they printed off a few of the 4d pictures for me to take. I know it is a big privilage to get those 4d pictures and to see my baby so often because most mommies don't get but one or two ultrasounds their entire pregnancy and if they get a 4d it is usually pretty expensive... BUT to be quite honest, the 4D thing sort of creeps me out a little. I think Kelly had a good point when she agreed and said maybe that's why they are inside our belly where we can't see them until God wants us to. I think I have determined I am an old school sonogram picture girl. :) I don't have to go back to see the high risk doc for 12 weeks!! YAY!! That will take one appointment out of the mix for a while which is great.

My diabetes appointment yesterday went very well also. They seem to understand more than other doctors, how much hard work it actually takes to get and keep your blood sugar levels in check with all these crazy crazy hormones that are ever changing!!! But there is always some room for improvement and there is always something new to learn.

I CLOSE ON MY HOUSE ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!! I am so excited to get moved in and settled. I close on the 29th and then get carpet put in on the 30th!! I think the new carpet will really make the place feel like it's MINE!!! I know Odis is ready to enjoy his new backyard.

We found baby furniture!! We found it on craigslist and the couple lived close by. It is very very nice and they have used it for both of their babies. It is in great condition and they were very nice people and more than willing to let us wait and pick it up on the day we are moving the rest of my furniture in. I will post pictures I'm sure after I get it in my house and set up.

A few questions answered: I have been feeling great. I have not felt him moving in there yet. I do not know his name yet. I AM still hungry all the time. I do not have any weird cravings.

I am so in Love with my little boy already. I can't wait to meet him. :)


Sugar Britches said...

I love that picture of him on your page where he looks like he's praying! Too cute! :)

Ward's said...

God is so awesome....he sure does look like he is praying. I'm glad that you and the baby are well. Congrats on your house too!

sowlee said...

congrats on the house. gotta love new carpet and great deals on baby furniture.
what's the nursery theme?