Thursday, July 2, 2009

new everyday

Here is our Electrical Cord Obsessed little man. Don't worry, non of the cords were plugged in to anything or allowed in his mouth. He was so happy when he came across a little box full of cords.
My crazy boy is EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING!! He thought he was sneaking away from Daddy but I surprised him in the hall way. Notice: still no teeth. He's working hard on getting some though.
Julian is a big fan of the window. He loves to look outside. He used to like sitting and looking but the "sitting" days are over I guess. So cute looking at Daddy outside with Odis. You notice he is eyeing that little space behind the couch. I'm sure he sees some sort of plug or cord back there he thinks he might be able to get his hands on.
So much for sitting and looking outside. As of yesterday, we must pull up on Everything!! It hurts when we wobble and fall and hit our lip but doesn't stop him.
We had lunch with a good friend yesterday and Julian got to spend some time with his little friend Dorie. She is about 4 months older but she obviously likes them younger :). They are so dang cute talking to each other.
I mean he just pulled up for the first time yesterday once. Then today he was pulling up on everything!! He likes his little toy though. Thanks Pari!
Like I said, he was eyeing that little space behind the couch. He is crazy I tell you. He can get pretty much everywhere and even the places he can't get, he will try until he gets stuck.
We are improving our sippy cup skills.

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