Friday, January 25, 2013

4 year check-up

How did the past three years fly by so quickly?  Crazy that it just seems like yesterday he was this cute little thing.  Julian Travis Curry is:  smart, funny, handsome, kind, loving, and healthy!!  
Julian's stats:  
43 inches tall
favorite food:  noodle dogs
 favorite color: blue
favorite pet: baby aligators
favorite song:  We are Family from Ice Age
favorite movie:  despicable me
favorite book:  every which way to pray
counts to:  30
writes name:  soso 
compound words:  his favorite!!  
favorite sport: basketball
favorite toy: spider man and captain america
favorite candy: mini reeses
can read: everyday words
quarter spinning:  better than most adults

1 comment:

sowlee said...

OMG!!!!! He's so big now and I loved the post about last year. I'm sorry to hear about you losing your grandad. You looked beautiful in your wedding pic. Keep posting! You are almost out of time for your february post! I can't believe the montero sport is gone!