Friday, March 1, 2013

FeBrUaRy'S gone??? what?!?!

Well I missed a February post by one day....  dang..  I am such a disappointment.  shucks!!

A few things I have learned in February:

1.  I want to be a stay at home wife
2.  I want to be a stay at home mom
3.  I want to be a stay at home mom

That about sums it up.  I started my teaching career in Cedar Hill with the perfect job.  I spent 5 years waking up driving 2.5 miles and spending with friends all around.. and I got to teach little ones too and get paid for it!!   So I loved teaching after those 5 years.  Then Aldine ISD entered my life.  Starting over was hard.  A different grade level was hard and not exactly what I wanted but it would work until year 2 when I found a great EC center.  Then it was Hinojosa Early Childhood center.  I got to be involved in the head start program which was something I have always loved.  I also had the perfect co teacher, who is still one of my best friends in Houston.  I got to come to work and spend my day with great friends and got to teach little ones and get paid for it.  Then my dear Aldine ISD "projected" numbers to be lower the next year and I was put on the "excess" list.  So since I was the last (non bilingual) teacher hired I was the first to go.  So after 2 years of what I thought was going to be 30 years...  I was out the door to a new school and new grade level.  Back to Kindergarten.  I was sad to find out a week into the new job placement that a job had opened up back at Hinojosa.  I was not given the chance to return.  And since there have been 3 places open up and even though I was promised "as soon as something opens up, you will be the first on the list,"  I have not been hired back.  :( I guess it is sad because what I "thought" was my future, is obviously not what God KNOWS is my future.  So I am currently finishing up year 3 of teaching Kindergarten at Johnson. This is the first year where I have been serious about searching what else is there in life besides a teacher??

Jerry and I were introduced to a very cool opportunity back in October with a new company which holds incredible possibilities for our family's future. It has barely been around for 3 years, and we have already met numerous people whose lives will never be the same.  Some people health physically has changed and some people pocketbook health has changed dramatically.  I have barely even began our new adventure with LifeVantage and I have already personally seen amazing results medically and know I will have a financial story soon as well.   We are excited about what God has in store for our journey over the next couple of years.  I look forward to seeing what he has in store.  :)
My plan would include:  expanding our family of 3 to 4, gaining some time freedom, continuing to learn and grow with our little munchkin.  I know with God, ALL these things are more than possible and I know he has more than we could ever as or even imagine in store for us.  Thank You Jesus!!  

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sowlee said...

Woah. I hope you do get to be a stay at home mom and wife! It's one of ilfe's best kept secrets, FYI. Visit Lubbock when you don't "work" anymore and have all that free time on your hands. haha.