Saturday, November 28, 2009

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!! Ours was wonderful with a very short trip to Jackson, TN. It was Julian and I's first time in TN. It was such a blessing to get to introduce Julian to all the family that he hadn't met yet. The food was wonderful. I think I am pretty open minded to trying new food. I tried my first taste of "chitlins" (i have no idea how to spell that). Let's just say... I will never be having that again. EVER EVER!! "Try it with hot sauce" they say.. (for all my people, this doesn't mean picante sauce) :) haha. Well all I can say is that at least i was open minded and tried it. Moving on. We had a great time getting to see where Jerry grew up and went to school and did all his hoopin and all that but most of all getting to enjoy his family. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Uncle Maurio
Jonathan (Terri's son)

Jordan (Maurio's son)

Caterious (Terri's son)

Great Grandma Carrie

Jerry's Great Niece, Anyah


Favorite picture of the holiday

2nd favorite picture

This is at home before we left on Wednesday morning. Just sharing cuz it's funny. Julian thinks all toys are more fun if he's standing on top of them.
Hope everyone had a blessed Holiday.

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miles3_17 said...

Tell Jerry and his family to SMILE!!!! Cute picts though. Talk to you soon.