Wednesday, August 6, 2008

carpet! carpet! carpet!

So I was supposed to get my carpet LAST Wednesday. Well then it was rescheduled for THIS Wednesday. Well THEN.. we had a little hurricane blow through (aka: like 2-3 inches of rain) and I am FINALLY supposed to get the dang carpet tomorrow!!! GLORY!!! I had convinced myself that not being able to move up stairs at first was probably better for me so that I wouldn't work myself to death but after the first few days of having random boxes around with crap I can't take out yet is really getting to me. So to change it up a bit we went to work in my new classroom today. We were welcomed by tons of boxes and furniture that needed to find a place.. sound familiar??? errrrrr!! I'm geting so ready to be settled. In the mean time of all this craziness, I think I have grown a few inches. Some lady in Walmart asked me when my little boy was due. I must have looked at her like a crazy person. First I was relieved that it's unquestionable to people now that I am carrying a child in my belly and I am not just getting really odd shapped and fat. Second, I was confused as to who informed her I was having a boy. Then I just told her the due date and said good guess.. 50/50 chance! But why did I have to ask her "how did you know it was a boy?" because then she told me it was because my face was round. WAHT?! She could have just said because your face is fat and it would have been the same thing. But whatever that was weird. So the past couple days I have been feeling him move a lot more now. Sometimes it takes me a while to realize what's happening but when I actually pay attention it is the weirdest thing in the world. Another thing that is driving me crazy is my belly button iching! I guess it's not that bad but I don't want to scratch my belly in public and then it is miserable. Ok well I hope all is well! take care


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