Friday, November 7, 2008

turkey legs, cupcakes, and sasage on a stick

How about those legs after a day of wearing boots. I SWEAR those boots are soooo not even tight and they have no heal and the socks usually are falling down. So all I can say is ... daaaannnnnnggg!
Fall Festivals are sooooo much better when they are selling TURKEY LEGS!!! Seriously, how sad is this :)
My job was to help with the cupcake walk... I think I deserve a prize for resisting the temptation and limiting myself to only ONE cupcake for the entire night.
Oh and of course sasage on a stick makes the world a better place :) I was donating to a good cause so back off! haha
So I thought these were too funny and I had to share. They make me look like a big fatty but it is what it is I guess :) I had a great night with my new teacher friends.

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